I know someone that mixed up Shane McGowan and Ian McShane in a conversation with someone that was too cool for school once. Genuinely still :smiley: when thinking about this sometimes.

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they’re called “scrambled”


My sister thought it was really odd that her super cool boyfriend’s favourite film was about Jamaican tobogganers, until she realised she was confusing Cool Runnings with Bladerunner…:smile:


My sister thought Gary Glitter and Gary Numan were the same person for a long time.


I turned over and something called After Earth was on the other night and I said “oh, I’ve heard about this, it’s got that girl that was in/wrote the OA in it and it’s supposed to be pretty good” but it was actually some middling will smith sci fi thing. I think. Turned it over again pretty sharp.

In a similar vein, I once got Bicentennial man mixed up with Lawnmower Man, and the girl who came over wasn’t treated to the coming of age comedy drama she expected.


I saw a bit of that, partly as it had a rating of 1.5 stars. Not even funny bad, just bad. Will and Jaden Smith.

I keep getting Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer mixed up. Unforgivable really.

I don’t get Dev Patel and Riz Ahmed mixed up but I get their names mixed up. Probably a racism thing.

Mate, either way you were onto a loser there.

I got pancake day mixed up and made pancakes for my daughter on Tuesday morning. Only noted my mistake as we were leaving for nursery so then had to explain that it was the wrong day. She thought this was funny.


10 years later and I’ve still got a man twisting the knife.

Life is Hell.


best egg

I got Sneijder and Snipes mixed up leading to me saying this to my housemate, who supporter Inter Milan

“was Wesley Snipes playing for you when you won the Champions League?”


Was in a pub once where it was hard to hear, and thought I was having a conversation about Steve Irwin, but it turned out the other person was talking about Steve Earle the country singer. It actually proceeded pretty smoothly until I said something about crocodiles.


Watched a bit of this. Stunningly bad. M nyte shlyaman fucking loves his terrible CGI.

met a girl who studied psychology, i asked her what she thinks is the basic thing that drives human action

she said ‘mating’, which is a perfectly reasonable answer

initially tho, i thought she said ‘painting’, leading to a very strange minute or so of conversation

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this could be an excellent repeated catchphrase for an otherwise shit tv show


I am very aware of who each of them are, but during a film quiz with loads of super geeky film people I kept saying Wes Craven instead of Wes Anderson.

You can write this one. I already committed myself to writing several terrible rom coms a few weeks ago.