MME DiSers: help



I’ve got a ‘stag do’ to plan in october. 10 people in total, 5 girls, 5 guys. Heading there Sat morning, coming back Sun evening. Not your standard OI OI bunch either. All oxbridge academics who like a piss up but don’t need to be dressed up like pricks or doing shit scavenger hunt shit.

Ideally what i’d like to figure out is somewhere i can rent with a few rooms as a ‘base’ (Lightrooms is no longer catering for groups that large :’( ) some really good pubs to crawl/do all day boozing in, and an indie night for a dance in the evening. A fun activity is welcome, obviously.

I reckon Manchester is an excellent punt for the thinking mens/womens’ stag do, right? I promise not to soil your city, too. What’s good these days?


you could put on your own indie night at The Peer Hat, maybe? reckon it’s still pretty cheap to hire out. fun place with good, kind of unusual vibes.

always good booze on tap and nice selection of bottles and cans too.


edit: to clarify, btw, when i say oxbridge i mean ‘bright but socially awkward nerds’


! an unexpected idea. ooh. actually that might be amaze.


M & M World → Garfunkel’s → China Whites → Stringfellow’s → Spearmint Rhino

(or Manchester equivalent)


i always do this one though. can i at least trade garfunkels for hard rock?


Think it needs to be Angus Steak House


seen lots of great nights there. the main bar is on the ground floor which is great for hanging out, drinking, chatting. then you have the basement with the decks, PA, and an optional bar down there too?


yeah just found the deets, that looks fully ideal for the end of the night. genius.


Do you want us all to come along?


aces! happy to help, my dude :slight_smile:


i mean it would be pretty good wouldn’t it? plus imagine the collective music being DJd*

*back to back Newsom.



maybe do a @Scout tour/walk if you fancy some culture?


yeah i’ve got this in the back of my head to give S a shout about this, coz i think hiring her to smash a custom tour might be absolutely boss.

@Scout hang on how feasible is a history tour of manc pubs (with you drinking with us)…?


I’ve heard Staycity apartments (one right by Piccadilly station, the other in Ancoats but still central) are meant to be great. Pretty sure they cater for 10.


fuckin champion you are.


I try to end any Manchester pub crawl in the locals-type non-nobhead boozers towards Ancoats - the Angel, Smithfield Tavern and the Marble Arch.

Best place to start a crawl’s probably Beermoth, Knott Bar, Port Street Beer House, Piccadilly Tap, which have the best ales but aren’t overly comfortable. The Pilcrow’s terrific.

Bung Bar Fringe, Crown and Kettle, Sand Bar, Castle, Font, and maybe for novelty the Circus Tavern and Britons Protection in and you’ve got a pretty decent day out on the pints.


this is fantastic man thank you - it would be really good to think we could cover the vast majority of excellent manchester pubs in one big crawl.

Where would you get a hungover breakfast in the city?


Not sure, really.

Guess Koffee Pot on Oldham Street’s the best known place.