MME DiSers: help


Ok, no further questions. No suggestions for Manchester Im afraid. Not a great city for nights out imo


i’ve been out in manchester a lot and it’s great: compact enough to do a decent crawl, friendly as hell. Just haven’t been there in years and used to frequent more bars than pubs so need the advice you see


The NQ is a festering hell hole at weekends now, even more so than it was when you were last here I would guess.


Noted - def would prefer to keep to good indie pubs than go that route anyways.


My favourite breakfast in Manc is the veggie one at 8th Day, but that might not be greasy enough for a hangover. Northern Tea Power does a good selection of brekkie stuff and is nice and shady of a morning so could be good if the light is aggravating your delicate heads.

I second @shes_so_high’s suggestion of Bundobust, food there is great and you can just get a bit of everything to share.


You should head to Grub one of the days (a food pop up thingy with good ales in a the grounds of an abandoned train station). If you’re going with a group you can pay a deposit of £5 each online (minimum of 10 people) to secure a table as it gets BUSY.

I’m in work right now so this is brief but mate, I can totally put together a load of ideas for all of this for you. I spend a lot of time putting together weekend ideas for the tourist board and all that so I’ve got some good stuff to recommend when I get more time.

Also re a tour, yeah it’s possible if dates work out for me (I need time to research and learn it all as i’ve not done any other routes other than my street art type one for ages).

As for breakfast, skip that and get brunch at Federal. It’s gets rammed like but the food is incredible.


You’re amazing. It’s not until October so we have time to make this rad. Love you man, I’ll shout you over FB x


Stayed in the Edinburgh one earlier in the year. Was decent tbh


go watch Manchester’s best football club; West Didsbury & Chorlton A.F.C.