MME drinks


Chorlton somewhere, sometime

  • 28th December
  • 29th December
  • 30th December
  • FO,M

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all good.


3 day binge? :joy:


Would be up for swinging over at some point but will be down south that weekend


three days in the middle of a longer binge, yeah?


(Next time :slight_smile: )


Dang, would love to head over but not sure I can do any of those dates.


only one of those days I could do is maybe the 30th, travelling back up from that there london so depends on my cba levels on the day really

13.12.17 pm

I can do any as long as it’s day


We (I) will make it day :slight_smile:


yeah im in for whenever. got that wk off :+1: for the first time in about a thousand years. MME AGM!


Have fun and take care.


didnt know what to bump but formerly excellent club night Refuse to Lose is doing a one off return next week


anyone off?