Mmm, when you can go out late from Monday

Till Saturday turns into Sunday
And now we’re back here on Monday
So you can do it all over again

Morning everyone! Happy Monday. Did you have a nice weekend? I helped the TV move house which meant being a white van driver for the day. Top bins.


Solid thread title there, ssf.

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Morning ssf. Weekend was fine i guess but didnt do a whole lot. Absolutely dreading work today, only two days left though. Eating some porridge, watching seinfeld as per.

Morning SSF, morning all.

Daughter isn’t well today - sicky weekend on her part so WFH whilst she lays down.

Pretty much it tbh - decent weekend with football Saturday and the Lego, jigsaws and Cluedo yesterday.

Having to remember my lunch, sons lunch, 2 x bike locks, cycle helmets, gloves, pe kit, after-school snack, water bottle, bike lights… now mentally exhausted for the day already.

Morning. I never, ever, wake up naturally around the time the alarm goes off. Except today, when I was wide awake at (what is now) 5.40am. Fuming.

Weekend involved minimal parenting as granny came to stay and earn some granny points. Today eldest has a teacher training day so we’ve packed the toddler off, I’ve come back to bed and we’re off to watch the lego ninjagogo film and check out a new dessert place later. Work tomorrow will be a right comedown.

First day at the new shop today. Levels of cba are through the roof


Definitely needed gloves this morning. (Forgot gloves).

Tomorrow is a holiday (thanks Martin Luther) so actually can go out late this Monday :astonished:

CBA level [Audit]

  • Raring to go
  • Slight cba
  • Moderate cba
  • Near fatal levels of cba

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Good weekend. Went sloe picking with my ma on saturday then started a mega batch of sloe gin and had a nice evening in with the TV.
Sunday was a fun afternoon climbing at my local crag and then a lazy evening of fajitas and fargo.

It’s light again when I get up in the mornings!! Yay!

I am looking great today and may do a fashion thread later. Only problem is that my new cream tights are a bit too big and are falling down on the walk down here. Pretty sure my gusset was visible, oops.

Started waking up at 3 and then again at 6

morning ssf; all

been working for an hour and a bit, already sick of it - baffled as to how someone can take some simple instructions and do literally the opposite of them, which is now causing all sorts of hassle. working from home now so i can go to the doctor’s this morning, then into the office for two meetings about strategy and career progression :sweat: not ideal

have already had a really nice mini roll though, so not all bad.

Good weekend, made some not so great choices on Saturday night at my mates’ Halloween party but no-one died or lost any limbs so it’s ok.

And you

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Morning all!

I’ve marked 14 practise assessments since arriving because I forgot to take them home. I’ll use the time my class are being assessed to plan my afternoon class.


08:54 and I’m already dicking about on here.