Mmm, when you can go out late from Monday

Need to find a new job in the next couple of days, so probably going to spend the day trying not to post and caving multiple times

Me too. We can do it!!

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Alright team. I trust everybody had a clement weekend? Had a pretty splendid time in Sicily and massively cba’d today. Sat here watching my unread emails in my inbox fill up :expressionless:

Job interview today. I think it’s a group assessment. nooo

Flu jab did its thing over the weekend so I did absolutely fuck all. Don’t really feel like I’ve had a weekend.

Busy day today.

weird AF weekend. first time in a long time where i’ve not done a weekend bike ride and it threw me off-kilter. went to IKEA and bought loads of furniture we didn’t really need, bought some curtains which are too short, blah blah blah.

It’s a Bank Holiday here and I’m in the office in my zombie job. My mates are still partying after last night’s series of incredible gigs but I’m in here.

Last night was brilliant though, our cover gig was packed out the door, people were being turned away. Probably the funniest gig I’ve ever played AND we got asked to do a few Christmas parties and events for ca$$$h afterwards.

Good luck to @anon82218317 and @rich-t today! And good luck to @sarahispi with the interview!


Morning. Got the whole week off (use it or lose it leave). Gonna eat some Dorset Cereals (best before Feb 2017).

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Morning all,
Had a very good weekend, sat night had a great night at the opera with the ex.
Got a fuck tonne on this week. Damn fresh morn in Glasgow today

Never heard it called that etc


Is there a thread for when you get an email that was intended for someone else? I feel like there should be. Got this gem this morning:

Hahaha so I set my alarm last night/woke up this morning around 9 convincing myself that “I need to be away by 10” when my class today actually starts at 10. That can still be blamed on daylight savings right?

There’s a pest control van parked outside. I’m curtain twitching to spy on which neighbour has a rat infestation.

Morning all,

Got back from eleven days in Scotland with the fam visiting friends and their wee bairns. Tremendous fun, loads of running around, soft play and bedtimes and now I’m absolutely shattered! Quite enjoyed getting the train to work and listening to music on my own tbh.

(And cheers to whichever mod did my Bammers-inspired custom title! :+1::beer:)

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My folks were at La traviata at the weekend and said it was amazing. I’m desperate to see it again, need to sort out a sitter and get along asap.

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WFH and half-heartedly did everything I need to yesterday. So could go over it again today or… do nothing, go for a nice walk and nice lunch etc.

Got some vegan rocky road bites last night so might just have the rest of those for breakfast.

Fuck’s sake, two people didn’t come in today. Could have skived off and no-one would have noticed. I am going to do the square root of fuck all now.

You’re cutting that fine to be ready for Christmas buddy. VERY fine.


Yeah it was great, best opera I’ve been to. Almost 3 hours but zipped along.
How are you UP, how’s the wean?

I am SO GRUMPY. I have a recurrence of my seemingly neverending sinus infection and I feel like it’s the last bloody straw as I’ve been ill all weekend with some horrific vomiting germ that I no doubt caught at soft play. My child has spent 80% of the weekend watching brain-rotting peppa pig cartoons while I lay on the floor unable to move. I hate feeling ill. One of the side effects of the sinus infection is phantosmia, which means I can smell this horrific smell like burning rubber inside my nose, even though it’s not there. It’s disrupting my sleep and making me feel sick all the time. I also have a massive job dilemma that is making me feel treacherous and panicky. I nearly had a panic attack on the train this morning because I felt blocked up in my nose and blocked in in my brain- not felt like this in years. Haven’t had a holiday this year because all cash and time is being spent on the house. I feel like I need a week off work to sleep and get on top of things. I am so angry at myself for not practising more self care and letting myself get like this. I was fine two weeks ago but now I just feel awful- it’s the smell thing that’s been the tipping[point. I can honestly understand how people kill themselves from low level but annoying stuff like this and tinnitus. it’s relentless and nobody understands. :sleepy:
happy monday.