Mmmmmmm...... SAXOPHONE!

I need more sax in my life. Give it to me.

Hudson Line by Mercury Rev came on shuffle earlier today and I got the spine-tingle.

That’s as good a line as Baker Street and Careless Whisper, that is.

What is it about a saxophone that lends itself to iconic melodies?

Do you have a favourite saxophone song?

Post them here.


I don’t mean to /thread but Jungleland. Every. Single. Time.


Links please!!!

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k, gonna jag my band again…

another banger…

and this little obscurity…

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King Curtis - A Whiter Shade of Pale (live at Fillmore West) is easily one of my favourite pieces of saxophoning, help by the fact it’s used so effectively in the opening to Withnail & I.


Thoroughly enjoyed this clip of Evan Parker at Fort Process


Loving all of this. Delicious posting.

The Cravats sound right up my alley!

Ahhh, what a beauty. Makes me want to light candles and have a bath.

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As good as this is, it’s not really hitting what I intended with the spirit of the thread for me. I want that woozy, smile-inducing, sexy sax-line.

If we continue down ts road we end at Borbetomagus:

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The Thing are really amazing live

Have you listened to any of Colin Stetson’s stuff?
I’m a really big fan of how he uses the sax solo.

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Bit obvious maybe, but


Ic-Smic, are you me?

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Sure ting. Ideally you’re going to want to be a few beers down and have listened to the rest of born to run, but here it is:

Can’t give you a time but srs this is what you need.

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End of this.

Saw them once in a tent somewhere - field day maybe? Ferocious. Must try to see them at a proper gig. Also would love them to team up with neneh again.

Got stetson’s New History Warfare: Judges - shit name but great music, never heard anything else like it. Doesn’t even really sound like sax half the time, just like you’ve got your head in some kind of skronking machinery. The Laurie Anderson spoken bits are good also. Any others of his particularly recommended?

Well here’s where I admit that I only have New History Warefare Vol III and the Sarah Neufeld one. I prefer the latter but there are great tracks on Vol III. Vol III is with Bon Iver and it totally fails for me whenever Bon Iver’s vocals are in use.