No morning thread yet?

How’s your week starting? WFH today for me, so a nice gentle start to things.

Going on a surprise holiday I’ve mentioned a couple of times on here - this company books it all for you and you don’t find out the destination until you arrive at the airport. All we knew was that it would be in Southern Europe and wouldn’t be Rome.

So … here we come Malta! :malta: Pretty damn happy, a very interesting place that I would never have thought to go to otherwise.

(Still not feeling all that great from the amount of beer I’ve had between Leeds and Manchester over the weekend though …)


My hotel bed is ridiculously comfortable so I’ll stay here a little longer. Then shower and down for breakfast.

After that a day in Leeds before heading back to London.

Nice run this morning. Getting ready for work, probably going to be a lot on today.

Might go see Alita tonight. The Cineworld here is like two minutes from my office, which is super handy for 5pm screenings.

Just reached for the seatbelt on the train

Quite tired i think


Why can’t I teleport to my office :sob:

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I’ve started trying to devise a system whereby I get a subway installed directly below my bedroom, where I climb down a hatch in the morning, and there’s a second bed there attached to the tracks that takes me directly to work at a calmingly slow pace

Don’t know what a realistic budget would be



Yeah, tell me about it. Still exhausted after Saturday. The drive back to Cardiff was not fun.

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a little lad just had a mini breakdown because of the prospect of sitting next to me on the train


I should probably go into work, shouldn’t I.


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Morning! Two more days of work to get through, then my weekend, then three days work, then two weeks off. I have to write it down like that to avoid some big dread about going in today. Breakfast meeting went well though


Morning all. Meant to go to into the office today as I’ve got loads of work and just wanted to focus. Instead I bypassed a number of alarms, had some messed up dreams and have made it as far as the sofa. Current dread levels are making my head feel hollow. Really need to focus.

Just got to my new job dead early having been very conservative with traffic. Sat in the carpark like a chump.


Overslept, so I had to throw my clothes on and dash for the train. Just realised I’ve got one black and one grey sock on :man_facepalming:

Good luck today pal!


Went to Bundobust for dinner last night. So good!

Got to drive home from Manchester to That London today. At least I’m not back in work yet.


Wow - first day on the job after the massive weekend expedition. Good luck mate!

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