Mndy vnng Thrd (29/03)

Evening troops

Just ate up some curry and pakora and had a can of pop and kinda at a loss now. Cant be arsed reading and had enough of TV from the weekend.

Should maybe go outside as its currently dry.

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Bit of work

Got my mega leggings on. Keep putting my leg up on stuff a la Vic Reeves.


big tesco

no other plans

Alright. Shite day. Feel gloomy as anything.



love this because

a) richmonds
b) i’m in your head
c) they look like your fingers


Oh hang on, I liked this because I thought it was an open packet that you’d put your fingers in


Took a run up the coast to get the dogs in the sea for the first time since the start of Jan. Kids loved it, despite it being windy as hell.


Back is still very sore. Also had dinner and I’m still very hungry. This usually means I’ll eat crap later.

What low calorie filling snacks are there which keep in the fridge/cupboard?

Had a fairly productive day at work but got a headache now. Waiting for the washing machine to finish so i can have a shower

Fucking long day. But also payday! Have made lamb, mint & feta burgers which are currently cooking. Roll on tomorrow and my Friday night.


Making chicken curry but feeling very defeated by it, it is deeply oily. Dishoom book owners - is the Ruby curry meant to have a load of separate oil floating on top??

I go for tesco version snack a jacks. Not specifically filling, but they take a lot of eating so i think that helps the brain think you’re full.


Can you maybe skim some off the top?

Or could ring up Dishoom and ask re oilyness

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Thanks, I will call them and ask them to come skim it


Fuck sake was meant to ring up for a blood test earlier, remembered whilst making a cup of tea had forgottwn by time was back at desk.

Sadly the smell of them gives me the boak. But appreciate the input.


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You could have a fonejacker style series of ringing up restaurants and asking re meals in their cookbooks, id watch that once or twice.

was convinced it was an empty packet and he was doing a joke

edit: what scout said


just went for a run, like half of east london


Had faggots, peas and mash for dinner.

Try and find something to watch on TV and keep the dog entertained for a bit.

Early bedtime because I’ve to be up at 3.45 in the morning. Urgh.