Mo' evening, Mo' Money, Mo' Problems

I’m going to do some washing, make a bad thai curry and get an early night because I have to get up at 4am for work tomorrow :frowning:

Might get some reading in on the Failure of International Institutions as a means of peace which sounds fun doesn’t it?


Evening @Ruffers, all. Thought my psoriasis was getting better on my leg but it got itchy today and is now sore. :sob:

still feel a bit out of sorts from the weekend tbh. gonna eat some roasted veg and maybe go to the gym.

but it’s o-… carry on.

working a bit late, eating dinner, watching masterchef and going to bed. what a life, pals. what. a. life.

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On my way to meet xylo and I ate some fish earlier. My breath smells of fish. What did I think was gonna happen?


I’m off to meet @he_2 for a beer in one of my favourite pubs and watch a game of non-league football.

I was originally going with some work friends, but they bailed out due to the rain. @he_2 was already going so kindly said we could meet up. Hopefully my anxious brain won’t make me a bumbling idiot.

About to eat a ready meal in the office before heading out in the rain.


Hello Ruffers. Did a CV for the first time in ages, bleak. Making pizza for tea.

He’s a really top guy, that he_2. Have fun!


Enjoy. Looking forward to my own non league football date with @he_2 in November.

Ummmm, been inside all day with kiddo. She’s been flat out all day and been very cute and funny. Having leftover pie mash and veg for tea and gonna drink a load of herbal tea


My trains delayed but should be here in 10 mins

Me hungry

I mean I used the excuse to grab a pack of malteasers from whsmith but you know

Dinner hungry

4am. Yuck!

Total waste of a day (rant in careers thread), stuck doing work tonight but as I’ve walked 12 miles for absolutely no reason this afternoon I’m going to sit down for the next hour and do nothing for a while.


Working a 4-7am shift :cry: but it does free up most of my day in fairness.

Fire engine!
Yes Mickey love we’ve already had that one

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ahhh 3 hours? might as well not go in. have a lie in on me.

It’s from home though! I wouldn’t usually but doing these odds and sods just means I can do the masters without getting a proper job. Might end up sacking it off once I find something here though.

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Evening! Are all the other Dissers meeting up? I feel like I’m missing out. I did ask @grievoustim if he was off to the same gig as me later (Black Country New Road), but it’s sold out and he doesn’t have a ticket.

It’s pudding down out there. I’m going to get soaked going out.

Changing my bed sheets, listening to some gloomy music.

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Is the Atoms For Peace album worth listening to? I absolutely hate Flea.

Drinking wine and watching Detective Pikachu, going to have a bath in a bit

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