Mo Monday Mo Problems

Morning Pals!

It’s early. I’ve been up since 2 in A&E with the baby. Got woken up to the sound of her struggling to breathe and then blue lights in to hospital. Pretty wild. Thankfully it’s just croup so she’s fine and just hanging out here now high as a kite and waiting for her next fix of ibuprofen and playing.

The NHS is fucking brilliant isn’t it.

On the plus side I’m DEFINITELY taking the day off work and my parents are coming to babysit so will probably sleep all day if I can get away with it.

How’s your Monday looking?


Sounds horrific, but glad it’s all okay, mate!


Morning. Glad everything seems to be alright :+1:t2:

Having our first difficult travel day. A landslide closed the main road out of Ella so we couldn’t get the bus we wanted, trains don’t go south so we’ve ended up in a taxi which is costing us £60 instead of the £1.50 on the bus.
We had to take the mountain roads so we’ve been going 3hrs and still have another 3 to go. The mountain roads are terrifying

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Glad to hear it was basically ok!

I went to bed at 9pm (three hours sleep night before, surprised I made it that late) so obviously I’ve now been awake since 5am. Gonna get a head start on this Monday and achieve EVERYTHING still almost certainly nothing


Mate, that sounds rough. Glad to hear it wasn’t too serious.

Got to drop my wife at hospital today. She’s still bleeding and has pregnancy hormones after her operation 5 weeks ago, so she’s in for a scan to find out what’s happening. Means I have kiddo for the morning. Will probably do a walk and coffee.


That sounds very scary, glad it’s all ok now.

Full of gross cold still. Normally off on Monday but swapped my days this week so I can go to a writing event on Friday, and massively regret it now.

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The start of my weekend so obviously I’m awake since 6 30 :unamused:
Meeting up with a friend I haven’t seen in ages today and hopefully starting kickboxing again tonight. :running_man:

Morning team. Glad everything’s ok @hankscorpio and best of luck to Mrs @rich-t.

Penultimate day at work before 9 days off. It’s mighty cold here but I think it might be payday so that’ll be nice for an hour before I pay bills and start Christmas shopping :grinning:


Glad it’s okay @hankscorpio, best of luck @rich-t

In work already, not sure what’s got into me.

beat wishes @hankscorpio and @rich-t :heart:

bit ill, think I’ve got a chesty cough, a bit phlegmy, lovely.

Also achey from a freezing cold Big Bike Ride yesterday


Got a bad feeling about today. Bricking it. Reckon I’m gonna get it in the neck from either a client, my boss, or both.

Hope babyscorpio and Mrs-t are both ok today :crossed_fingers:

Got double doctors today - medication review for me, booster jabs for R. Bit annoyed at booking my appointment today forgetting it was still half term (8:40am - perfect for after preschool drop off, a pain when I could have had a leisurely morning instead).

Week two of unprecedented two week half term. Need to think if an activity for tomorrow, wonder if R would like queuing for the pokémon centre :thinking:

Kids today eh, am I right

(Two weeks?! Why?!)


That sounds really scary @hankscorpio, but I’m glad it’s okay now and yes the NHS are brilliant.

Also good luck @rich-t.

I’ve got massive cba with work today. The weather looks lovely, just a shame I’ll be stuck in an office all day.

Pumpkin picking with this one! X


Got a half day :+1: due to a dentist’s appointment this afternoon :-1:

Kicking myself for not booking the whole day off, really.

Monday: hearing prep
Tuesday: travel for hearing
Wednesday: hearing
Thursday: hearing expenses
Friday: pizza

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Make money, spend money, claim money, spend money - lovely cycle

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Croup is terrifying, I’m so sorry you had to go through that. :kissing_heart:
It’s baltic today and my nose is running and the week ahead looks pretty hellish with work (despite political uncertainty, people are still wanting to buy/ sell/ grow their companies it seems) so I’d better crack on and get this week started!

this is now the cycling thread