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Exhausting weekend of family time. Various threads of my parents’ post-divorce lives coming to emotional heads.
:cry: :sleeping:
Thought I’d start this week off right by going climbing before work. Half my session was then spent talking one of the regulars through waiting for an ambulance after they dislocated their elbow falling badly. Felt really nauseous after (obvs not a patch on how he felt!).


Ooooh, sounds nasty.

Got the day off. Bike ride with a cake stop, then doing a Franco Manca pizza making class this afternoon.

:bike: :pizza:


Per me and @plasticniki please use emojis to bring life to your Moanday posting


Starting at Uni this morning doing my PGCE EYTS! Paid for an off peak ticket in advance and when the man came round i put my train tickets infront of me in my little national rail folder thing and started doing my mascara pretending i was too busy to notice him. He only went and walked past with a nod so i saved myself a tenner. Hehehe :smirk:


Explosions Yin The Sky? :sparkler:


Ah good luck faps!


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Ah good luck faps! :four_leaf_clover:

Emojis please :rage:


Early Years Teacher Status (with a masters module in leadership and management) It’s at Greenwich so im having to get off at NEW ELTHAM. :metro:


Eltham? I hardly New him! (doesn’t really work).


Morning all! Had a pretty safe weekend, think I’m finally getting less and less anxious with having my parents and my in-laws in the same room.

Hackney Carnival yesterday was good, got pissed and dance to Kevin Lyttle :dancer:


Got to do a load of system calls at work this week. One is 1-11!!!


Good morning :weary:

Weekend was alright thanks:

Saturday: felt a bit :mask: all day but the cold didn’t materialise after some rest :sleeping: and so I was then able to make a proper nice slow cooked lamb curry in the evening :hot_pepper:

Sunday: Didn’t sleep well on Saturday night :sleeping::weary: but the sun was shining :sunny: :sunny: :sunny: so we went for a walk round a lake :evergreen_tree:

Today: our youngest daughter starts school :school_satchel: :sob:


morning everyone. had a pretty good birthday weekend to be honest; had a great meal on friday night at a local hotel and then on saturday got up and did some family running around. went to a “touch a truck” thing yesterday where loads of trucks are out and you can go in them, and my daughter went on her first tea-cups ride. the idea of staying in the teacup was lost on her, so she got pretty upset.

still hobbling around the house on crutches.

this week; sending forms off, cleaning old baby clothes, and maybe buying a new chair for the front room.

ps no emojis; don’t have access to them on a the desktop.


Yeah, I missed that bit. Hope I’ve made amends in my main post


Amazing weekend. Everything hurts - shoulders, knees, collarbones, wallet. Wouldn’t change it for the world.

HELLO EVERYONE. Day off today (Monday is my Sunday), but loooooooooads to do. Probably achieve 10% of that.



Literally haven’t slept since Friday night :frowning: Ran out of sleep medication and it turns out I’m completely insomniac without it. Been super grim but I finished The Night Of in two nights. It was alright. Just picked up some more pills but don’t know whether to take them now and sleep the whole day or wait until tonight. What shall I do? :pensive:

  • Wait
  • Take them now

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I’ve got you covered




this is simultaneously pretty impressive and almost as bad as this: