Morning. Feeling quite spring like a few days last week and at the weekend.

But moanday is for moaning. I will be skint for the rest of my life, this is what I’d like to moan about. But compared to many I’m alright so I guess moan cancelled.

Have a great moanday.


I have to get on a plane today and I hate traveling in general and flying specifically. Fuck off Monday.

Also got to do a work call despite still being on my holibobs. And have a CPD thing to go to in London tonight that I can already tell I’m probably going to sack off.


Feel like I’m going to throw up. Must be monday.




Two of my colleagues are going to be off this week (everyone’s using up their leave before the end of March). So it’s going to be a week of dealing with other people’s problems.

Other than​ that, not much to moan about. Did some cycling first thing- obligatory photo of Norfolk countryside / skyline here:


Back to work after 2 weeks in Malaysia. I’m not feeling too bad about it but someone at work who regularly annoys me has stolen my chair whilst i’ve been away? Bit weird. There are only 2 of these kinds of chairs on this floor.

I woke up at 5am from jet lag so I plan to go home at 4pm,


Morning. Got some work today and any day where im working is a good day tbh. Looks well nice out today. Might walk home tonight if it lasts.


My moan is about my complete lack of self-control. SO tired this weekend, didn’t sleep well Friday or Saturday, so thought Sunday was the night to catch up and sleep properly. Ended up watching videos of rollercoasters for 2 hours and going to bed at 1am. GOOD THINKING SSF.




Got my spring coat and sunglasses on with sunny dance music playing in my ears :sunglasses:

haha i feel like a normal happy person again



Red-eye flight last night and just on Heathrow Express now. Wife has day off though which is ace so imma have a day with her and the cat yessss


Downloaded ABBA - Gold for the commute.


Woke up in Cardiff this morning to find I haven’t packed any work shoes and only have two pairs of trainers. 3 days of work meetings ahead. FFS laelfy!


I was WELL chuffed to bust out my pink pleather jacket this morning


:grinning: I’m imagining you watching this on a constant loop!


Made myself bircher muesli for this morning. Not bad. Not bad at all.
Should hear back about the house we want to rent in Leeds today. Apparently there are two other offers on it, so I’m not hopeful… Dunno why it’s taking so long for them to make a decision. Anyway, that will probably be what I moan about in due course.


I’m already on skyscanner looking for the next holiday. Wheres good in October?


In Lisbon. TV’s birthday so gonna do all the things she wants to do. Bit ropey this morning after too many shots of that ginja stuff last night.


Card Playing Dealy?


Morning all. Had a really lovely weekend so I quite resent having to come into the office tbf tbqh.