How you lot doing?

Bored waiting for my flight this morning and ache like hell from playing football yesterday for the first time in about 11 months. Bloody loved it though.

Although the 15 minute downpour during the game seems to have brought out a chesty cough and raging sore throat.


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My cats are supposed to get spayed today but I forgot to not feed them last night :weary: will have to cancel even though getting appointments are so hard. Their balls will live to see another day




Balls? I thought spaying was for lady pets, neutering for boys?

Either way I’m sure they’re very pleased for the time being.


Oh I didn’t know it was for girls! I did make a mistake when booking the appointments too, was like “my two 8 month old kittens need to be castrated” and the man took their names and I said “oh and they’re boys” and he was like “…I know??” :tired_face: oops




weird day GO AWAY


The cat keeps trying to get in right spaces… can’t figure out why


got n interview, don’t need to be there until half ten. So am stuck in that horrid limbo of not wanting to go over and over stuff but equally getting more nervous. ARGH

Might do the hoovering as a distraction


Annual review this afternoon. That’ll be fine. Working untill 9 this evening. Fun


Touch of the epimers. Massive case of the cbas. Sounds about right for a Monday.


Going to some training that I’ve done before, pretty sure I should be allowed to sleep all day but guess I’ll probably end up helping all day.


Boarded and got a random upgrade to business class! :ok_hand:t2:


you’ll smash it slickers



First day of both of us working in Leeds. Been wide awake since 5:55 for no good reason. Done nearly two hours of work and driven the TV to the station as a favour. Feels like it should be lunchtime already.


Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


What year is it for? Good luck! :four_leaf_clover: x


year 1! thank you :slight_smile:

how are you doing? can’t believe in 5 weeks my course will be done…!