Looks like it’s National No Indicating Day on the roads today. Lost count of many people I impotently called shit cunts this morning.

Good weekend? Exciting week ahead?

Yeah, me neither.

Raining innit.

Two dates over the weekend. One good, one bad

Morning epsy & jordan & noah. Made the grievous error of wearing a predominantly white long-sleeved baseball t-shirt today. Not only am I a bit nippy but it’s thin enough to see some areola too. Effing my ell right now.


– forgot my cafetiere this morning so had to get an Americano from the hipster coffee shop down the road :roll_eyes::coffee:
++ abseiled off the cathedral on Saturday which was bloody brilliant :slight_smile:


Pretty beat after the weekend. Last one of the summer I suppose so I’m pretty happy with how it went.

Got a fair bit of work to do after lunchtime today. Going to sit around and drink tea in my pants until then.

My legs are pretty, pretty stiff today: spent most of the weekend cycling.

Absolutely starving too: time for a bakewell flapjack.

Alreet. Taken the week off for album recording. Slightly shitting it but also anxious just to get on with it. Sorta foolishly said i could maybe work evenings so i’m not losing too much $ but really hope i dont get taken up on it. Need more coffee.

Nearly @sadpunk ed the work loos this morning.




Hello daily threaders…venturing into here to have a moan (but it is in the name)

Didn’t sleep due to toothache that came on about 2 minutes after I set my head down :frowning: I’ve had painkillers and swilled lots of mouthwash…it’s been dull for a couple of hours now…but I can still tell it’s there.

Do I still ring that direct NHS thing/visit a drop in dentist? Maybe it’ll get better? I’m a bit ashamed of my teeth so tend to avoid it generally

Today proper freaks my nut, the slags.


In other news, I’m just a bit tired and don’t really feel like I had a proper weekend, as the majority of it was spent painting our stairs and landing, which (a) required a huge amount of prep (including scraping of a patch about 5ftx3ft where the paint had badly flaked off the plasterboard) and (b) still isn’t finished.

Basically, the whole of our house is in need of a good repaint and I just need to suck it up and get on with it, one tedious weekend at a time!

Call NHS Direct then go to a dentist! I hate going to the dentist too but hopefully it’s a thing they can fix now before it’s root canal this and jaw replacement therapy that

Guys: wearing a vest under a work shirt (or other areola-flashing attire):

  • Yep, I do this
  • No, but having read this poll I might consider doing so in the future
  • No, and no plans to do so

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Morning epimer :hugs:

After the bf’s fishing trip got rained out I joined them in the pub for a lot of beer. Big giant pints the likes of which no hobbit (me) has held before. I got drunked. Then they all came back here and ate tart and drank some more. I’m feeling a bit filthy this morning.

Was so good to see one of my friends last night tho! He lives in London and he is the funniest man in the whole entire world. Had me in tears. I LOVE HIM!!! We’re going to go do an escape room today!!! Wooooooo

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You have sufficiently scared me into calling them.


I know vests are supposed to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer but I’ve always found that to be a load of bollocks. Too many layers does not work for a fairly hirsute man.

It’s a bit Donald Draper innit.

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Tend to go for a t shirt type vest (perhaps that’s just a t shirt) but yeah, do this quite a lot, especially in autumn/winter.

My TV says it makes me look decades older. I’m okay with this.

I’m coming back to the UK for holiday this week which is gonna be pretty rad.

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Stayed up until 2am playing poker tournament. Fell asleep during tournament. Still cashed. Pro

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