I’ve not worn a vest under a shirt since I was in school - even then, I stopped because people got the piss taken out of them for wearing them.

p. good weekend

can’t believe we’re doing this again though

Right, I’ve had my coffee now.

Drove to the arse end of nowhere on Saturday to play cards and had a pretty rubbish time of it, tbqfh. Forgot to eat anything other than my morning Huel and a Boost all day, so the filthy pizza I had when I got home might have been the best thing I’ve ever eaten.

Sunday played games with 'er indoors and wrestled with the absolutely dogshit Ryanair website to book a holiday in Biarritz in a couple of weeks.

Tonight I’ll probably go to the pub to play Netrunner. I’m helping the other penoids prepare for Nationals this weekend that I can’t go to because of a FUCKING work trip on Sunday/Monday. Might go play cards somewhere else on Saturday but only if I feel prepared for my hearing on Monday.

tl; dr nothing to report

just think of how many years of this shit there is to come



Does anyone here own a cuckoo clock?


Hi all. Had a big family weekend, now knackered. Lent my kiddo my phone to send a text, and this is the result:

Mostly from my recent emoji, but the syntax is correct! #dadsnet


pretty good weekend all in - was my birthday so had a lie in bed and played the switch and watched rick and morty and then had my wife and daughters delivery a chorizo omelette and pain au chocolat in bed. was pretty wonderful. then went to Keswick and went for a walk along the railway line. pretty good stuff. then had a take away.

yesterday dropped near £100 on school uniform stuff as my daughter starts nursery tomorrow (!!!).

got a hire car coming today but it looks like the meeting’s been pulled. which throws a bit of a spanner into the works with my hours for this week (12 hours on Wed travelling was planned) so we’ll have to see. ugh.

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Ignore me. I know what you’re talking about now :roll_eyes: I need to finish my tea before I post on here.

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Nice @squidpan reference there



And a bit of Diamond Spade Death too!



just woke up after a dream about my ex, so going to be feeling melancholic all day.

you know it’s a busy day at work when you’re doing a word search in a random block of emoji


Can’t believe it’s 7 years since Danny Dyer posted that tweet. Still freaks my nut out to this day.


Look, we’re all in this shit together. Cut me some slack.


Morning DIS

Off to London for a work thing today

Might be up for a pint in the Victoria area after if anyone’s around

How do you even start a sentence with a digit?

Day off but I need to buy food and unpack all my stuff.

2 minutes ago, I started drafting a witty response to zxcvbnm, but I couldn’t think of anything.

(must have been more like 90 seconds ago)

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My colleague who sits opposite me is back from a week’s holiday. True to form, it’s 10:10am and she’s eating a slice of cold pizza. I think I’m in love with this woman.