Hi. Got a follow up at the dentist. Anxiety inducing but you can’t drink to help it.

How are you all?


Hi sheeldz

Good luck at the dentist! Hope all goes well.

First day back at work, mild dread. Nearly fainted in the shower, probably from dehydration as I’d been sleeping so much. Now too scared to bike in, still feeling tippy.

Missing the tv already, but he should be back in a few days.


Morning :wave:

It’s so light out!! :smiley: good, this is a good thing.

Sat in bed with a hot x bun and a cup of tea.


Got a frankly ridiculous amount of work to get through today, so expect to see me on here loads.



Pretty glad the edge is off the weather this morning. Still nippy but not blowing a gale anymore.


Knackered. Had a weird, broken night’s sleep, woke up at 7, went back to sleep then thought I was late, so rushed to get ready, only to find out my watch *CHECKS WATCH * is wrong. Oh well.

First day back after a week off, pray for shucks.


Went to sleep early last night, now I’ve woken up far too early and my brain is bursting at the seams with house-moving anxieties. Got a load to do before work today, will probably make a big lunch and avoid doing any of it until 5pm when I can use work as an excuse.



WFH today to avoid some big boss guy who is visiting my office today. Can’t be doing with the expectation that we dress smarter than usual and toady up to him if he deigns to wonder round where we sit

Taking my car for it’s MOT retest at 10. Should be fine if the garage did their job properly.

Yoga later. That’s all I got



About to have an early morning adventure to the job centre.


had to get the tube into soho for work today, was absolute murder. dunno how people do it every day. place i’m working has free barista coffee and minions to make it for you though so coffee weirdness incoming in 3…2…1… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Times I’ve fallen on ice today: 1 :unamused:




Today is one of those days where I’ve got loads to do but unsure how to do most of it. So probably won’t.


STart in my new office today, so obviously late. And have a meeting/presentation with the head of department that I have done nothing on, obviously. BUT the real question is will my Waitrose instant coffee still be in the cupboard there from 3 months ago when I was doing some training?


I did not sleep enough.

No idea what to do today, would go library but the crazy busy toddler group we avoid is on this morning so that is off. Maybe we’ll try painting?


morning all

I’m off work this week :tada: today’s agenda includes a trip to IKEA to get me a nice office chair, then off to the cinema to see something and possibly dinner somewhere. I rate this plan as 10/10, better than going to work.


My local M&S had sold out of the bramley Apple ones ONLY! I now have no hot x buns in the house


I am getting a cold and I have job interviews this week. Great stuff :upside_down_face:


Good luck!


Morning off to Paris in an hour with the TV

Back thurs

Back to work monday