Work is tooooo busy. 4 day week though before I head off for a long weekend of climbing in France.


I think aliens zapped up my bf and replaced him with a super helpful lookalike this weekend. Golf was cancelled cause of the snow but he wasn’t grumpy about it and did a shit load of house jobs ive been wanting him to do for ages?? Weird.

Fucking cold today. I have lots to do. Not sure if to coffee at work or on the way hmm

  • Work coffee
  • Pick up a starbs

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:cry: this is genuinely making me sad. They are the best of the best.


Snowday! My school told us half seven thought I’d get a glorious home alone day but NO…

Kids school shut at 8, breakfast club starts at 7.45. Texted to check, yes open then ten minutes later shut. Staff arriving only to be turned around. Couldn’t make it up.

Going to do some cleaning and sorting (by which I mean drink tea and play on the switch obvs)


They’re the only vegan ones AND so yum. I’m going to hunt them down today.


Oh! I didn’t know that. Even better!! Good luck!!


Nice wee surprise coming for you later today…


Tried tapping in at the Tube this morning and I didn’t have my bank card on me. We had a Sunday Roast and a couple of pints yesterday afternoon and ran a tab. Because I’d been paid for DJing in cash, I paid in cash and my card stayed behind the bar. So then I had to buy an Oyster card with cash. But at least I have an excuse to drop by the pub tonight.


Have you approved my hiring request??


Now that would be surprising



Slippy drive and walk into work today. Had a cracking weekend, so not really feeling work today. Hopefully it’s straight forward, but my boss is back from a 3 week holiday and my guys don’t always make my job straightforward


Been stolen! This is war!
Also my PC has not been moved across


New MG episode today, yeah? Looking forward to that.


Morning team. New coffee shop has opened in morden en route to the tube station so picked up a medium americano this morning to drink on the tube. One buttock-clenched light jog down city road to the office has convinced me this was a bad idea.


Off to Paris in a bit, cba. Traffic is looking quite bad so I should probably get out of bed.


New office, new commute. Let’s see if my laptop made it there over the weekend…


It’s morning. It’s Monday. I’m not working and I appear to have tortillas, avocado, egg, tomato, cheese and cholula hot sauce in. Excellent start.

Morning everyone



Got some awful training / workshop today called “harnessing your strengths” :face_vomiting:

@NoahVale you got any idea how shite it’s gonna be?


hi everyone! :wave:

absolutely knackered, m9s

trying to summon up the energy to drag myself into work but it’s not really happening.