Soz m9

You monster

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Do you think there will ever be a week where there isn’t loads of people constantly coughing in my office?
about 5 people seem to have permanent coughs??

alright coughing police. people can’t help it!

They fucking can! Go sort your cough out.

You shouldn’t be coughing for 2.5 years!!

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Congratulations on your Snowday!

There is some snow left from the first Beast visit in our carpark but I’m unlikely to be allowed home.

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TV had a delayed start to the school day, 10.30 start today. So a ⅓ of a snow day

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gotta try and do some music today.

Please someone shout at me!

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We really kicked on with our dining room over the weekend after a pretty successful ikea visit. Storage and shelves means we can finally unpack!


Big fan of your table



Second hand laptop arrived yesterday thanks to @anon76851889. Loaded up FM18 last night, next thing I know it is 1.25am. Oh fuck. (Cambridge United, since you ask).

Not feeling too bleary this morning but an absolute shit of a week ahead at work not helped by my direct report texting me at 2am to tell me she has the trots and won’t be in. Can’t wait for next Thursday which will signal ten days off.

Thanks slickster! Ha everyone seems to be pretty enamoured with it whenever we’ve had visitors. We got very lucky with it, got £££ off it picking it up at some sample sale in hoxton docks before we moved.

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Why not? My wife suffers from chronic sinus issues and has a persistent post nasal drip and as such as a cough.

Totally here for the beeves.

Somehow we gotta keep this thread going.

With a title like that, I do fear the worst

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Very nice! How do you get on with the lamp like that with the light bulb all out there?
I got one like the one on your shelf from Dunelm but I can’t fucking look near it! It’s too bright but it’s the lowest watt G9 bulb! I may have to spray the glass.

Our living room isn’t pretty spot on now :slight_smile: here’s a part of it


Cause it’s ANNOYING
One person constantly coughs cause they’re hocking up phlegm, one person just is perma sick and is like “ooh no cant take time off to rest or go doctors when i must have a chest infection”
These people just always have a cough and they cough into the air! Stop coughing into the air and spreading germs. Never seen anyone cough into a hanky or a tissue, just into their hands and touch everything.

Just seems like the soundtrack for my office is people constantly fucking coughing.


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Ooft looks lovely chief!

Yeah the bulb is bright af, like staring into the sun. We’ve got some pretty low watt ikea bulbs that are more style over substance in that they barely light up so may have to replace with that.

Yeah what the fuck. My house looks part like a doctors surgery with random kids toys and a few random chairs and a Dixons television system display


it’s like when someone takes a flash photo of you and then you just see the flash whenever you blink.

Ours is like a big glass bulb so I think I may try to spray that but this idea has already been poopooed as I am far too slap dash with that kind of thing and will end up spray painting the telly by mistake.

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