Good morning DiS

8am lectures is not the one. Especially not when it’s still dark out & it snowed overnight. I am on a pretty cold bus

Today on my course we start our ’planning’ module. This means I get to learn an entirely new (to me) piece of software called Movie Magic Scheduling

For the rest of my course (1.5 years) I & the others in my class have each been assigned an individual film manuscript which will be our working case study. The idea is to break down that script into the tiniest detail in order to manage an entire film production from legal, safety, casting, daily & weekly call sheets, logistics, delegating responsibilities to departments & specialists, detailed budgeting, equipment hire etc etc etc

Everyone in the class has been assigned a different script - the oldest being from the 50s & right up to the present day

I’m jealous of my pal Ludwig who got ’Alien’

Guess which idiot got the most ridiculously complicated one? And guess the film?

Anyway, what you got going on today DiS? Today, this week etc?



At work. It’s very slippery out there.

Decently early finish at 1145, then need to go and get the shopping.

That’s about it for me.

Alright? Just about to go to the factory. Got a lot of work to do today then it’s off to the supermarket. Pffft.


Went back to bed after feeding dog at 6 but meS mad snoring meant I should have just got up

Anyway, no idea @BodyInTheThames i am afraid. But I am enjoying the bananas picture

Monday always makes me grumpy as I have to wear sportswear to teach PE. Urgh, when a lovely dress would really cheer me up.
Don’t wear a lab coat to do science or a smock to do art but there we are.

Going to make some porridge and dash off, then this evening more packing!! :woman_shrugging::rofl:



Jetlagged to all hell. Been awake since 4.30. Watched 2 episodes of The Woman in the Wall, decent.

Only on a half day today which is just as well as I am going to be useless come lunchtime.

I am not going to guess the first bit, as I don’t know your course mates, but for the second bit, it would have to be a film with lots of real life stunts, shot in multiple locations, so… a Mission Impossible, or Bond?

Morning all!

I went to bed tired at 9.45 to read but was wide awake when I finished my book at about 10.45. Lay awake for ages and don’t feel like I slept.

It’s the last week of our teaching block this week so I’ll be assessing work from some of Glasgow’s greatest young minds until about 4.00, when I’ll stop and go to football.

@BodyInTheThames - your question needs a thread of its own and some clues please.

I’m guessing The Shining though.

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Well, the idiot is me of course

& it’s a more complicated film than Bond or Mission impossible with a much smaller production & budget


I’m thinking, maybe a musical film, featuring kids and/or animals, shot underwater.

Not really any songs (1 maybe), no underwater in the script, animals - yeah a few in the script, kids - not really

Morning angels

I have no idea about films but the description of what you have to do is making me anxious for you.

Making crumpets and chai. Having a massive panic about no one employing me ever again.

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Christ knows the film. I’m rubbish at remembering films.

Was gonna go swimming but it starts in 40 mins and I don’t think we quite have enough time to get ready. Maybe I’m wrong. I need to shower and get Cleo ready. It’s only a five minute walk away. Maybe I should get my bum in gear.

In the office early, cannot be fucked at all with the next week

Alright. Currently sat in my car in a ferry port in Southampton. Gonna be doing my job on the Island of Wight today, which is a nice change. And get to see @plasticniki later on, which has made my month tbh


Was meant to be at an in person work thing today and was quite looking forward to it, but have a horrible cough and cold symptoms so will be WFH. Not much on all week really, but then very busy until Christmas so will try to enjoy it.

Can someone add the new John Francis Flynn album to Discogs so I can catalogue it, please?

In person at work today, won’t be here but still grumpy

No breakfast stuff in so will grab some sort of baked good on my way

Sounds rain filled out there

Absolutely grim drive into the office today. Torrential rain and masses of standing water. Despite it being motorway, I didn’t get above 50mph for the first half of the journey.

Only half a day in the office though - I’ve got the dentist (well, the hygienist) at 1.50 which is a great excuse to skip off at lunchtime and have a low impact afternoon



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Fucking dog got in a mood with me because i wouldn’t let him sit on my knee last night when i was playing ps5 and spent the night scratching at his crate floor in some noisy revenge protest. Absolute prick he is

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