Can play a nice game of Sausage Or Finger



Yeah, continuity is a huge part of it. The normal way to solve this puzzle is to shoot all the scenes with costume A & location A in the same block, scenes with costume A location B in the same block… & so on …

Then it’s a massive editing job to splice it all together

But the problem with this manuscript is that there are so many scenes within scenes that the shooting list (takes, angles etc) is colossal. Plus there’s loads of scenes where props change within the scene & so on - so the software that would usually help you break all this down only goes so far & you end up having to work it all out pen & paper style (now that I’ve read the whole script I think the whole taxes/paperwork nightmare is a nod to this too)

Still, I have time I guess

Not many moans from me apart from George still waking me up at 4am every day. I think he’s lonely but he doesn’t know how to snuggle so he can’t come in the room!

4 weeks til I start my new job so it’s fully time to chill :sunglasses: starting strong with a homesense trip


WFH today but managed to head into the city centre for an hour and a half to meet my mum for lunch and I don’t think anyone has really noticed or cared that I was away. Sweet sweet civil service life.

Would have saved a lot of time if she was here tomorrow when I’m in the office but never mind.


My son has a new hairstyle. The burden to style it is mine for Mon to Weds. It’s fair to say I didn’t master it yet


Afternoon all

Some builders doing some higgledy piggledy stone wall building out the back, it’s mesmerising. Brand new building springing up but it looks ancient, quite pleased that our back view is gonna be that from now on.

Cosmo also fascinated by them, he’s been sat in the top window all day staring intently at them. I wonder what he’s thinking.

Dry, bright, no wind today. Where the fuck was this yesterday!?

That’s it

Hope u all having a nice day :slightly_smiling_face:

I would struggle to think of a more challenging film to do this kind of exercise for tbh! Will be v interesting I’m sure, but Jesus.


I mean, yeah. If I don’t go doolally I’ll learn an awful lot

I went to see the local train station cafe cat (Max!) but he was asleep on a chair when I got there


Birthday. Posh pub for lunch. Colin the caterpillar. Now listening to Low with my mate