Happy Monday one and all.
Just had an exhausting weekend of post-parental-divorce emotional drainage. My mum stayed for three nights, then my dad was here last night. Had a very difficult conversation over breakfast where he accused me of doing none of the running in our relationship. Explained that I spend half my free time defending him to everyone else in the family and so maybe I wasn’t always ready to then give him a cheery catch-up call. Need a proper weekend, stat!


Do one, Monday.


Sounds shit, pal. Maybe treat yo self to something today to buck up your spirits?

I’ve got a ton of work to do after phoning it in last week due to being pretty ill. Was a state up until yesterday, where I managed one (1) round of my nerdy card game tournament (my favourite one of the year :frowning: ) before going back home to my bed. Amazingly, I still placed higher than one person who played in all five rounds. Ooft.

Still have the sniffles, but I can live with that. Hope I can taste stuff again soon, I’ve got some nice beers at home that I’ve been looking forward to trying.

Right, best get on with all the stuff I was avoiding last week.


Ooft that sounds pretty rubs Aphex. From a purely impersonal view you either seem to be in 'Murica alot or working hard over here, you’re a newlywed still too so plenty busy. Seems an odd thing to be getting on at you about.


WFH today as I’m feeling a bit under the weather. Had one of those nights where I couldn’t breathe from my nose and therefore woke up every hour or so with a dry mouth. It’s pissing it down outside and I’m in my slobs so 1-0 CCB.

Aphex - sounds like a crap weekend :confused: I’d echo everyone else’s advice, but I’d also say that I think it’s a parent’s prerogative to do most of the running, and I’d feel a bit weird if my dad said the same thing to me.


:frowning: sounds mega crap!
Plan yourself something fun to do next weekend with the wife!

I am in a bad mood because of shit trains. I tried to be early! There is literally no point in trying!


I am ecstatic as it is Black Friday week and I cannot cannot CANNOT!!! wait to spend some of that lubbly jubbly moolah I work so very hard to earn!!! Whats on my hit list? WHO CARES!!! Will buy anything that has 50% off this year instantly and consider a purchase in great detail that is up to 30% off!!!


Word. And so much of my free time is dealing with family dramas, playing my role as the ‘rational and unemotional’ one. I have feelings too, you buffoons!


WFH so will almost certainly treat myself to some therapeutic Bloodborne over lunch


About to fly back from Prague, hope the pilot can see


office called yesterday saying it’ll be shut this morning so I only have to come in in the afternoon. celebrating by having a moka pot coffee.

i think there’s a mouse in my kitchen (what am i gonna do) :mouse:


tempt it with cheese
get a cat or a working terrier

those are your only options


There’s a dead mouse under the floor in our office - it’s been there most of the week, so the smell is quite nice as you can imagine. :frowning:


Freezing today, isn’t it? Bit tired as was up late making planz. Got tickets for Rogue One midnight screening and Lisa Hannigan in Belfast over Christmas.


It’s pretty fresh out this morn


new business idea:


Sorry to hear that Aphex. I’m not in a great spot with my own dad at the moment, or at least, I think I am. Went out last weekend with half a dozen mates as a pre-baby “stag” thing, couple of mates organised it, it was all a surprise to me. Invited my brother and a few out-of-towners, none of whom could make it as it was all very last minute and pretty low key - it wasn’t a big deal at all. But then my brother tells me this weekend that my dad was upset that he hadn’t been invited - although he wasn’t invited to my actual stag (which he seemed fine with), and wouldn’t have been able to make this thing. I told my brother I’d talk to him, and he says not to mention it - well cheers bro, what’s the fucking point in telling me then? Plus I’d already spoken to my dad after it and he seemed chill enough. Fucking families.




Calm down Louis_Tacos


had a feeling that reference was coming