Got the trail end of some lurgy to deal with this week.

Not much to report. Applying for our mortgage today. YIKES.

I am starving.


Just completed three all nighters on my own with the baby for the first time - we haven’t had enough expressed milk to do 3 in a row before, so er indoors has had a hat trick of full night sleeps. Don’t know what all the fuss is about I feel fine.


Just spoke to my mum as well and called her out on a big lie by omission regarding my dad. So bored of them acting like kids.


eating samosas and bhajis for second breakfast like a fucking boss

nowt else to report


I don’t think I could cope if my family was like this! Quite lucky my dad is a miserable sod who doesn’t like going anywhere so would be happy if he wasn’t invited


This was my breakfast yesterday!

All home made. Sri Lankan daal, hoppers, sambol and coconut roti :heart_eyes:

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^taken just after half of it was puked back up


Sounds more like a sundries breakfast than a Monday one.


holy fucking shit what have i done here

i have never ever thought it was “trail end”



Eh, they’re usually fine, and the more I think about it, the more I think it’s not a big deal, and it’s really just my brother taking it upon himself to act like some sort of big man “Oh yeah, I understand the situation here” when he’d have been better off ignoring it. He is a massive idiot to be fair, has zero sense of emotional tact. My parents were once on an anniversary weekend away when he got a phone call at home saying that a distant family friend had died - and rather than wait 24 hours to tell them when they got back, he rang them up just before their nice dinner. He’s a fucking dunce I swear.

Compared to the pre-wedding strife, this is pretty low-key.


oi you prick


Pretty terrible weekend. Going through a tough break-up at the moment :cry:


Yeah it’s always someone mixing it up that makes it worse than it actually is!


The shit has hit the fan on one of my big projects at work. Not my doing but out TWAT supply chain. Writing the mother of all emails to sort it out as we speak. My director has been superb about the whole thing. Going to fix it still. Pray for finton.


Shit, sorry to hear that. Hope you have a decent support network in place.


that’s shit man, sorry to hear. always tough as fuck.


Yeah, like if he wanted me to have a word with my dad, fine, but to literally tell me this and then say DON’T SAY ANYTHING, it’s like, what the fuck is the point?


Day off
Still in bed


had a semi weird transaction in mozzos earlier

went to the deli counter to get some tickler. lady had some chunks pre cut, but I asked for a fresh cut from the large chunk.

asked for 2 quids worth. she cut what she thought was 2 quids worth - it was £2.45…fine, I’ll take that.

she then picked up cheese with BARE HANDS and took it over to cling film machine.

put it back on the scales - now £2.50. asked her if I was paying 5p for clingfilm. she said yeah, but she would re-do it again. remembered the hand thing and left it how it was