Mobile games (iOS, Android)


So what you playing? I need a recommendation for a new game because my commute is booorrrinnggg


New star soccer 4ever!


It’s well old now, but I can’t not play Alto’s Adventure.


Flip Diving, jesus wept it is addictive.


played it too much




I bought the Banner Saga the other day. It seems good. Not sure I’ll ever play it again, knowing me.

I still haven’t got close to completing Sword and Sworcery.


Have you played The Room games? They’re good for a commute.


My favourite is Osmos.


Angry Birds?


yep great game


not really, will check them out (think I played an old one)


Currently playing ‘Brain It On’ - physics-based puzzles. It’s probably about 2/3 fun and satisfying and 1/3 throwing stuff at the wall to see what sticks.

  • Drop 7

  • Triple Town

  • Threes

  • Hearthstone

  • 80 Days

I think my list is the same as last time we had this thread.


ooh played most of these but because i had a small iphone 5s i deleted most games i didn’t play. need to log back on to my itunes to find which ones i’ve already purchased. re-downloading Triple Town again, that game is the shit


Clash Royale

3-4 minute real-time, live online opponent battle game. From makers of Clash of Clans. Heaps, heaps fun (much, much better than CoC).


I think I maybe tried one and completely failed at it and gave up because it felt like the UI wasn’t working or it wasn’t really making sense. Recalled those freebie games you’d get on the front of magazines where if you couldn’t completely understand the thinking of the guy who wrote it you were buggered trying to get through.


Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes - it’s a bit Epimer and they would really like your money, but you can do a chunk of stuff each day without spending anything.



Hitman Go, always Hitman Go