Mobile games

Losing my mind in the office here. Just mentioned that I re-installed Candy Crush last night because I saw it on a programme and now my life might well be ruined.

Then we got talking about other popular mobile games like Flappy Bird and Angry Birds – what was the really massive game prior to Angry Birds? I’m sure there was something really obvious but it’s not coming to me.

dunno. wasn’t there that one where you draw pictures and someone had to guess? and flappy bird?

the only thing worth bothering with these days is mini metro :heart:

EDIT: oh you said flappy bird

I always look down on adults playing games on their mobile phones


Me too. I also go through phases of playing games on my mobile phone.


I prefer to stand on the tube, too.


*thunderbirds gif *

I’m addicted to Madden NFL Mobile in a way I haven’t been to other games. It’s a bit annoying in that trying to build teams and stuff is really mini-gamey and all about building up items and collectible cards and shit (fuck offfffff) BUT it also just lets you play straight seasons without any of that hassle, as long as you’re not playing for more than about 30mins at a time you don’t run out of stamina and get locked out.

The gameplay itself is brilliant, really responsive and intuitive given the limitations of the screen size, the best thing is how it feels really solid - when I fuck up, it’s generally my mistake and not some stupid bug.

This all depends on if you like American football I guess.

Been playing fruit ninja on arcade mode a lot. I just need to break my highscore then I can delete it again

A friend of mine has made a few nice (and entirely free) little puzzle games that I’m just gonna go ahead and JAG here:




I got addicted to Osmose for a while. Whereas I think I might be a bit too stupid for Tickit. It melted my brain. Looks really nice though.


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Super amusing dude?

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ban request

There’s a Humble Bundle running at the moment for a bunch of roguelikes for $5.

Haven’t played any of them yet, but it’s got Heroes of Loot 2 and I once stayed up till 3 on a weeknight playing the first one for absolutely no reason, so be warned.

How do Humble Bundles translate to mac? I haven’t got a PC, but I’m a big fan of the indie titles these things tend to include.

Score Hero

Pixel Dungeon is the one.


Happy to help!

Been quite into Stick Cricket recently

Such a tease.

What I really want to do, right now, is play Cities: Skylines. But I have half an hour left at work, then a 4 hour rehearsal. I can sink absolute hours into that thing - a decent mobile version would be ideal.