Mobile games

Have you played OpenTTD?

Wanted to start a thread on this but only fair I did a search and found this.

Just started playing Archero. Downloaded PUBG for five minutes but would prefer more action tbh

I nearly started a thread today too!

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Hello, I would like a recommendation for a good match 3 game please. Preferably something with more going on than Candy Crush, but I tried a bunch of the RPG type ones and they were all bumhat.

Have you played Drop7? I fucking love it. Put more time into it than Dead Cells.

I just keep playing Wordscapes. I mean, every time I poo.

I’m on level 6700.

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I have not but I will try it

It’s fucking brilliant and I’m brilliant at it.

You have to build a boat or 10,000,000. Both by the same developer.

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Also, only play Hardcore.

I have tried it and I do not enjoy it.

What a fool!

Yes. Yes you are.

I have also tried this, and really like it.

Unfortunately, I’m too good at it, meaning my shits at work have become unjustifiably long (time, not distance).

No mate, that’s not what… ok.

Downloaded Mini Metro last night, it’s currently free on iOS and it’s great. You design the tube system and that’s about it. Delightfully challenging when the number of people ramp up.

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I had that game a few years ago but haven’t played it for a while. Properly sweat inducing when you have to start trying to juggle all the different lines/stations

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I even paused it and got a notepad out, all kicked off at my isolated station south of the river. Was all going so so well when a new station popped up a bloody second after I’d used my last tunnel and AGRHRHJGRRH.

I think it has a creative mode though, so hopefully can just play endlessly. CHOO CHOO.

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Final fantasy 9 has a very good port on mobile, the control scheme works really well and it’s a whimsical delight.

Xcom enemy unknown is also on mobile and its almost indistinguishable from the ps2 version

found somebody else’s tinkered-with version of Dolphin and this is running smooooth.

I wanna buy a controller for my phone tho so I can get the proper non-fiddly gaming experience. need to research more which ones are best.

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