Mobile games

Really enjoying but losing my mind with Two Dots. It’s a tricky fucker when it gets going. Beautifully put together though.

Tried Underlords and Teamfight Tactics. Further confirmed my suspicion that autochess games are total, total shit for cunts and they will remain my litmus test for people’s opinions on strategy games.

I am now full-on obsessed with this game

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I’m not downloading mini metro. I’m not downloading mini metro.


I went all out and bought it on steam as well. Spent hours on it at work today :joy:

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It definitely doesn’t have a creative mode than you can be a giant huge nerd with and eat up hours of your afternoon.

Omg it’s on Switch too…and has a multi-player mode…

For Mini Metro fans there’s Mini Motorways which is just as addictive.

It’s behind the Apple Paywall though, isn’t it?

What’s the best emulator an Android these days?