Mobile phone ringtone volume in the office – a poll

  • silent
  • One increment louder than silent

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Silent, obviously, and vibrate also off, at all times.

Can’t get any signal in the office anyway.


Guys, something you need to understand: I am missing calls on silent


what’s this, empathy day?


silent at all times innit?


Why isn’t it on vibrate then?


Vibrating phone on a desk is a heinous crime imo


But the beauty of vibrate is you can leave it in your pocket.


Perfectly acceptable option, theo. Well done. I will experiment



Means you can do an impression of Iggy Pop in Aisha when you get a call, too.


Silent + vibrate. I very rarely have it on anything other than vibrate in any situation tbh.

Not that it matters much anyway, the signal is absolute gash here at work


One of our managers has the iPhone cricket chirping ringtone at full volume. You can hear it from miles away, so fucking offensive.