Mobile photography/video apps - recommendations please

So yeah

I have an iPhone 7plus which has a pretty decent camera for a mobile but the native app isn’t doing it for me and I’ve been using iMotion for timelapse & stop frame things but it it only exports at maximum 1080p and doesn’t access both the camera’s two lenses so I cant shoot with the ‘portrait’ bokeh/depth of field mode

So I’d like an app with which I can

  • set custom time lapse intervals and shoot stop motion in 4k using both/either camera lens (not sure if 4k slo-mo is possible with the 7plus but I’d like that too)

  • set manual exposure times (up to 30s - Ideally up to a minute)

and even better though optional (if it exists)

  • some lens filtering - I don’t mean putting filters on after shooting I mean like digitally controlled UV filtering or what have you on the input stage - like an old fashioned screw-on lens filters

anyone got any recommendations ?

I’m also thinking of getting one of these

anyone used one? Got any views or alternative recommends?

or just chat shit about mobile phone camera tech


what phone do you have? and any links to anything you’ve shot on it would be handy (DM if you prefer)

also, can you set the exposure time too so I can get some Koyaanisqatsi driving effects ?

anyone else

I use that Osmo v2 steadicam thing at work.

It’s good. Sometimes it goes a little haywire and the learning curve is a little steep, but it’s probably worth the price. We got it for slow motion pans and things, and while it’s really good for that it’s just good as a steadicam. Found it even improved video when mounted to a tripod.

There’s an app called Filmic which is very good for doing twiddly video settings with it, or even without it. Worth looking into that. There’s a companion iPad app that lets you operate the filming from the iPhone remotely which is insanely helpful.

This is all very interesting, thanks

I saw a dude on YouTube do this great shot with the dji where he just attached a long monopod to it, activated the tracking and filmed his mate go down the street on his scooter starting and ground level then hoisting it up to about 3metres high. Looked like a classic Hollywood crane shot, was amazingly simple but stunning results

This one: play from 7m40s