Good band imo

FFO Daughters, Ditz, Gilla Band, NIN


Liking every track I’ve heard so far a lot, thanks for the reminder to actually listen to the album

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Yep. This was a choon;

the Pitchfork review was pretty cringe, but they’re sounding quite good rn

Cole Haden has something of Jamie Stewart to his vocals, kind of

liking the queer vibes pulsing through modern arty noise rock quite a lot

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idk why, but I’m feeling a bit of DAF in there?

a libidinous electronic thrust

like this

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Then you’ll love Ditz!

link me up!

Yeah, I picked up on that too. Also a bit of Ex-BCNR’s Isaac Wood.

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Yeah, great album. Feels a teensy bit front loaded on the first couple of listens, but another half a dozen or more I’m sure I’ll be enjoying the back half just as much.

Forgot about it after posting the cover in the best cover art 2023 thread, having never heard them, but then saw it high on the RYM charts and figure I should check it out. Based on comments here it might suit my tastes.


I really like this band a lot. They released their EP back in 2017 and though they’ve never gone completely quiet this album has felt like a long time coming. I’m happy that they’re getting some recognition and can hopefully tour over in the UK/Europe?

Seems like this thread could be a good one for bands with the combo of fun rhythm sections + noisy guitar stuff.

Yeah I feel the same. Sleepless is one of my favourite tracks on it. I think it’s all quite consistent but it’s one of the few albums that would benefit from being longer and a bit more substantial. Not tried making a playlist with the Damocles/Suntan single squeezed onto it somewhere but that might do the job.


Pitchfork liked it a lot.

I like it but it’s very front loaded.

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Listened this morning for the first time, didn’t find it particularly front-loaded. Not sure I like the vocals, we’ll see on further listens.

I liked the album on first listen, but still haven’t found a band that do those noises as well as that band I don’t want to listen to anymore did it on their last two albums.


I’m slightly late to the party but yeah they’re great aren’t they? It makes me want to trawl through Skin Graft Records bands all day.