Moderate acts of physical and technical prowess

Have you ever successfully thrown a boomerang and made it come back? Are you a dab hand at skimming stones? Were you one of those weirdos who was good at diablo or whatever it was?

Talk about things like that in here if you want to.

used to have a good arm

Skimming stones: yes
Boomerang: not right back, but in a vague proximity
Diablo: no. Same with poi. Thankfully.

I used to be pretty good with the coco-cola spinner yo-yos that were a bit of a craze around 1990.

I can do quite a bit of boating stuff

once knew someone who could juggle on a unicycle and breathe fire

Able to carry over forty standard tulip pint glasses in one go.

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I once went out with a girl who taught herself to ride a unicycle and is now dead into hula-hooping. Weird really how I didn’t find those things unbearable.

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I can carry five full pints without a tray

smoke rings

Truly, that is living.

You a good knot man are you? My Dad tried to teach me different knots when I was a kid, dead boring.

probably fine unless they make a point of how wacky they are

whacky…wacky…doesn’t seem right either way

Oh, that thing where you balance coins on your elbow and then catch them in your hand that was a bit of a craze when it was on Record Breakers.

EDIT: this thing

Can get 5 full pints from bar to table in one journey.

Also generally quite good at throwing things into other things (especially laundry into the laundry bin, and snacks into my gob)

Can polish off a Capri-Sun in 1.3 seconds.

Does that include getting the straw in? Very impressive if so.

Please don’t attempt to belittle my achievements.

Flipping beer mats.