Moderately successful actors that no one has thought about in ages

  • Mekhi Phifer

Benedict Cumerbatch

Claire Keelan

Anatol Yusef

Gabriel Byrne

Luke Perry

I watched Miller’s Crossing last month and thought about him then. Sorry m9.

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Mentioned Luke Perry in conversation with my wife yesterday, though she didn’t know who he was, so I guess that sort of proves your point too.

Matt Dillon

Umm… David Arquette???

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Don’t think eric really ‘gets’ this thread, y’know?

Featuring quite prominently in the ‘formative years crushes’ thread.

Neil Pearson

Why would I go in there?

Matt Dillon gifs?

Stuart Townsend

Had to google this lad. Winner so far NV.

Stephen Tompkinson

Think he was on Sunday Brunch the other week.

The actors in cat_race’s film