Moderation Announcement (please read)

Dear All,

It’s been a tough couple of weeks for DiS. So tough, in fact, that half the moderating team have stood down, citing stress issues and emotional exhaustion. For one it got so bad they suffered physical symptoms as a result. They join another that left earlier this year, meaning there are now only three of us regulating the whole community: me, @whiterussian and @wewerewerewolvesonce.

This clearly can’t go on, and that is what this thread is about. Put bluntly there have to be limits to what the people that moderate DiS can reasonably be expected to do. We will listen to accusations of abuse, bullying and harassment and follow up on them, but we are not social workers, and we cannot resolve personal conflicts. We are neither your boss nor your employees - we are volunteer janitors. From now on:

  • If you have an issue take it straight to us in DMs, or flag the offending post. We will not respond to people @ing us in threads, and we will not wade in there.
  • If we find a thread has strayed off-topic into a futile debate or personal dispute then we are going to delete the offending replies. If it continues afterwards the thread will then be locked. I hate laying this rule down, not least because it’s difficult to maintain, but this is the number one cause of mod burnout. It’s simply been the case that too many have been derailed into arguments that are impossible for us to resolve.

To put this in perspective, here are the default suspension reasons Discourse gives us:

These are measures we have had to take based on how threadbare we are now, and they are not open for discussion. It might take us some time to respond to flags and DMs, so I’m asking for your patience there. Nobody’s specifically to blame here except the pandemic, and I’m really hoping once everyone can freely go outside again things will relax a bit, and maybe then we can talk about loosening or reforming these rules. We still intend to push ahead with restructuring the forums, as well as using all the good feedback we’ve received to create a code of conduct. Again it may take us some time to get to either.

We will also have a look at recruiting new mods in the future but… yeah, it’s just going to be us three for now. Thank you for your understanding.



Just want to add something to this as I’ve had several people being very apologetic for asking for some very basic moderator assistance recently: Please do not hesitate to reach out to us via flagging or DM or whatever if you want a post deleted, something moved to a different sub-forum, any of that sort of stuff. This is the stuff we’re actually here for. :slight_smile: