Moderator chat

Are you a moderator of anything?

So much hard work with so little appreciation.

I moderate the biggest group in NL for standups sharing spots etc. Every now and again there’ll be a comment reported or someone post something provocative and each time I feel an internal conflict of fully understanding the context of what’s going on, wanting to just sack it all off and wanting to react quickly enough that if there is a real problem, it doesn’t linger. No matter what, there are always people who think the admins / moderators are dickheads whatever action is taken.

To try and keep things simple we only allow people sharing spots. Nothing else. No chat, no requests, no questions. That keeps things a bit simpler, but every now and again something will happen, like someone has a comment removed because it’s against the rules, then they complain that another comment broke the rules and we didn’t do anything about it, and despite trying to explain that’s because we didn’t see the original comment, people assume it’s because of some greater conspiracy instead.

I understand why people get frustrated on the other side of these things, but it is draining how outraged some people get at seemingly trivial things.

Anyway, anyone here a mod?

  • I am currently a moderator of something
  • I have been a moderator of something in the past
  • I have never been a moderator

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Only ever had mod rights in small communities where everyone (or nearly everyone) had them for simplicity’s sake.

I can’t be trusted with moderator powers otherwise, it would go straight to my head. I’d abuse the power and status instantly, like all pathetic worm-men who have neither in real life.

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[Insert hilarious joke about nuclear reactor here]

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Poison chalice mate. Sack it off.

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Have worked as a moderator for v big community sites. Seen some shit, man. From your basic astroturfing to hate speech of all kinds, stuff where the police have got involved, etc etc.
Read with great interest reports from the moderator teams working on Facebook (my experience wasn’t as bad but in a similar ball park) - how gruelling the work is, how their hands are tied from on high against dealing with people propagating extremism, and I can’t wait for Zuck to face the full consequences of his shitty business practices


My friend used to be the mod of a fishkeeping forum. It took up so much of her life, but it seemed like she really cleaned that joint up. Stamped out unethical fishkeeping chat, and detoxified a pretty regressive atmosphere on their equiv of the social board is how she tells it. A powerful portfolio of moderation.


just meant I could have a bigger signature than everyone else, back when those were a thing.

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This is a really good piece from the New Yorker for anyone interested in this sort of thing.

This quote from a former moderator really struck a chord with me:

“You’re sleep-deprived, your subconscious is completely open, and you’re pouring in the most psychologically radioactive content you can imagine. In Chernobyl, they knew, you can run in for two minutes, grab something, and run back out, and it won’t kill you. With this stuff, nobody knows how much anyone can take.”

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Was a moderator on here which was nice. My first forum (an anime one in 2001) had a lot of moderators who had fancy moderator titles and talked about their moderating powers with terms like “mod rod” and my 13 year old self thought it was very cool


Quite a few, it’s underappreciated by everyone and a load of stress for no real gain. Haven’t done it in years.


Well mate, if you ever want to run for DiS then I will be happy to welcome your “mod rod” into the fold

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Idea for a thread:
Mod Rater Chat - we rate Weller wannabes and that.

Get a (well moderated) room you two!


Thanks theo, that would be a very bad idea for all involved but I appreciate it

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  • I would consider putting online moderation on my CV
  • I would never do this

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If it was like a formal job I had, then yeah why not. If it was just something I volunteered for on some online community I’d assume the person reading it would think I was padding it out a bit, so I’d leave it.

‘moderate’ a football subreddit. just delete spam posts and update the graphics sometimes. no rules and give anyone who asks mod rights without question.



Only the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland!

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