Modern Life Is Rubbish

It’s 2:30 in the morning, but I’ve just watched all of this and very much enjoyed it:

Really great album, and lovely to see Graham enjoying looking back at it so much.


Corrected the spelling mistake in the title to make searching work better if people are looking for stuff on it.

Haha, 2:30 in the morning has SPOKEN. Thanks.


Graham is just such a dude

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Hello. This seems an appropriate thread for someone named Colin Zeal.



Yeah really enjoyed that, it made me realise just what a great album that is! There’s a good video on Song 2 as well where they listen to the individual stems

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Watched this the other day, makes the writing and recording of it sound really fun. I always forget how creative a guitarist he is, technically he’s really good and stands but always serves the song.

His humility in talking about influences on songs is great too, lots of people I’ve spoke to in bands are either lying or in complete denial about what their songs sound like, but all the best ones turn round and are like “ah that song is just a Bowie/Beatles/Wire ripoff” or whatever.