Modest Mouse 2019


2 new songs out Friday, no confirmation if part of a new album or not.

‘Poison The Well’ is the known song, the bside is still mystery. They werw performing the song live 7 years ago but it never made it to stranger to ourselves. But the band had mentioned they had written a more shambolic record that was due to be out as soon as legally possible. Maybe its finally time?



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The last album basically killed any hope of them doing anything good for me. Love all the records up to that but 8 years to produce that just suggests a band running on empty and the fact that four years later they’re releasing an offcut from that album rather than scrapping everything and starting again doesn’t fill me with any more confidence


Don think theyve scrapped anything. Just seem to remember isaac saying the 2nd set of songs were more chaotic and didnt fit on strangers o summat.


I read somewhere that they scrapped that follow-up due to the reaction to STO.


AH I seee


Thought STO was a perfectly decent album tbh. Haven’t gone back to it much in the intervening years, and obviously it’s not as good as their best ones. but much to enjoy there. Interested to see what they come back with.


I enjoyed it a lot when it came out, though I was starved for new music from my fav band! I’ve now downgraded it to their 2nd to worst album (ahead of Sad Sappy Sucker) but its still decent. It’s got an EPs worth of very strong songs on it.


I still love it, it’s remained an easy top 5 of 2015 for me. The more understated songs do a really good job of creating atmosphere and setting up some of the heavier hitters. The weakest two moments for me are the two main singles strangely - Lampshades on Fire feels a little bit like late Modest Mouse by the numbers, and Be Brave feels like a lesser version of something on We Were Dead. But they’re still good. And in true Modest Mouse form it has a classic feel like shit closing sequence.

Still kind of mad that both Billy and my second place Billy did the same exact thing within months of each other.


Still one of my favorites of the decade:


I understand but I don’t agree. I loved Strangers. Not as much as their earliest stuff.

Echoes of the Broken Social

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Exactly my worry. They’ve had four years to write a new album with renewed energy, plenty enough time - a long wait even - by most bands standards.

Instead they’re back with old material from what was clearly a creatively difficult period. Hope I’m wrong but I don’t have high hopes that the stuff that didn’t make Strangers is a return to form

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Enjoyed ‘Strangers’.
Excited for new MM regardless of if its scraps or fully new.


I liked Strangers. With the exception of a few tracks I’m not so keen on. The only really disappointing thing about it afaic is that it shows they can’t effortlessly bang out really long yet remarkably consistent and engaging albums in the same way they did with their earlier stuff


This has prompted me to listen to a bunch of Modest Mouse tonight, me comfort blanket when it comes to music, it’s been a while!


Still so annoyed they never rescheduled the Brighton Concorde show I had tickets for


Me too i got the first 3 tickets for that show, thats how badly i wanted to go

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Released early on Apple music if yo so inclined

Turns out the B-side wont be out until record store day on the vinyl release. A lot of energy in this song. Interesting mix of the lonesome era guitars, we were dead grooves and synth pop? Its short, snappy and I like it