MODS facebook log in doesn't work

I originally signed up via facebook but since then it won’t let me log in saying I don’t have access to the app or something HELP

But how did you log in to write this?


I’m still logged in on my phone but my laptop logged out and won’t log back in

What OS? If it’s Win 10 or Mac, maybe it now expects you to use an app store app to provide the cookie? You are logged into facebook already on the browser you’re using, right?

Mac OS X yeah. I am logged into facebook already yes.

Anyway you can actually screenshot the error or grab the exact text for a Google search, etc? Cheers.

@zxcvbnm ?

He’s not on MODSbook.

had a look at on but couldn’t see this as a known issue/bug so may be something to do with you facebook settings?

Hey @1101010 this is what I’m getting

Might be something to do with having development access before the boards went fully live?

Not 100%

@sean do you have any knowledge about this use of FB? I’m wondering if anyone else logged in using FB.

Can you add an email address and do a password reset?

ah yeah, that worked. thanks!