Mods of the Old Board (PS4 exclusive)



Can you still see post counts? Can we have final scores please?

In particular:



Right, who was there:




@1101010 thought that punk lost his power and was superceded by these young b/fucks


As the final person to post on the old boards, all mod powers went to my account when they closed.

Unfortunately, I have sworn to never use them for good or evil.


Well this is neutral so please crack on.




I also don’t know how to use them.


With great power comes no responsibility


No worries:

guntrip - 40,005
thewarn - 800
bamos - 40,004
sadpunk - 120
meths - 41,345
balonz - 804,361


No rush, dickheads!


That is a lot of posts Balonz


I can’t say I understand either this post or the use of (PS4 exclusive) in the thread title.


It’s a frightening new world, Theo, isn’t it?


I’m not a caveman or a UKIP voter, Balonz: new things do not frighten me.