Can’t be dealing with the fits and starts of the rolling politics threads, let’s have a proper go at this total fuckwit.

Obviously it should come as no surprise to anyone over the age of eight that the man is awful, but is he actually running a campaign for leader? I can’t work out what’s going on behind the scenes. One thing I am sure of is that the idea “Mogg would make the Tories unelectable!” seems dangerously shortsighted.

Racist, homophobe and hates women

Probably gives them their biggest majority in years


Of course he is.

he’s well funny though, yeah?

That’s what I thought. I saw some spods on Twitter being all “He’s not even running! This is what other people are projecting on him!”, but why even go on GMB this morning if he wasn’t trying to raise his profile?

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Rumour mill suggests May’s going to reshuffle soon and give him a cabinet role.

I’d love to say i feel sorry for his wife and kids, but i don’t. They seem like twats as well.


Equalities minister?

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If he’s got an ounce of sense he’ll turn it down - last thing he’d want is to be bound by collective responsibility or shackle himself to a lame duck PM, surely?

Still think that offsetting that with ‘having been a Cabinet Minister’ gives him a better shot should he fancy a tilt at the top job.

In any case I couldn’t give a shit what he does.

lol worra legernd

Could be. I think he’s aiming for the Corbyn “outsider, something different” angle though, in which case I think he’ll keep his powder dry. Of course, Tory party rules means he’s got to get enough MPs behind him first; not sure quite how that game needs to be played, but if Leadsom could make the final two last year, anything is quite frankly possible.

he’s just saying what we’re all thinking, the cad

is this a real thing? thought it was like part of the fake activate campaign. i’ve got no idea what’s going on. fake news! sad.

I have no idea what’s up with that Activate thing. Starting to think it’s a weird parody from start to finish.

I do think that an awful lot of the hype is the media giving him attention because it makes for a good story (eg what we saw with Trump), combined with the media giving him attention because they agree with his regressive views (eg what we saw with Farage).

Either way, it gives his hateful opinions a platform and helps to normalise them.


That’s also what his fans want him to be. Seemingly solely based on the fact that he’s a bit of a hit on social media because he’s odd and the Tories are starting to crap it about appealing to the youth vote. It’s laughable that anyone thinks he’s the answer to that.

Guys a fuckjng cretin of the highest order, file next to gove, Johnson, fox etc


Yeah but, if there’s one thing the last 18 months has taught us…

We thought the same about Boris Johnson though.