Mogwai 2021 - New LP "As the Love Continues"

Clint Mansell: from Greb to the Grammys.


This is :boom::fire::fire:


Now knowing it’s a cover makes me feel better about it, somehow. Never liked it.

Yeah, been listening to a lot of PWEI recently, and they’re still brilliant.

Clint’s been a top Hollywood composer for much, much longer than he was a Grebo frontman, but it’s funny that he’s still remembered for PWEI first and things like Black Swan second.


Whoa, I really like Richie Sacramento. It’s almost like another band but still Mogwai if that makes sense.

edit - well after paying no previous attention to their last few albums this seems like the way they now sound

Jealous of this. Thought I was finally going to catch Bardo Pond at Primavera a few years ago and then they pulled out at the last minute.

On the Happy Songs for Happy People chat. What’s the one that’s just a short feedback loop? Is it Boring Machines Kill Sleep? Anyway, that’s probably my second favourite Mogwai track. It’s so simple but so intense. It makes me really happy.

Glad the album worked as intended

Kicking a Dead Pig
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I know this isn’t a studio album but I use to play this to death. It has always felt like one of their own to me.

Never got on with it.

Oh boy I have a real problem with kicking a dead pig… I had a friend who owned young team and used to blast it and it massively excited me, sounded like nothing on earth so I asked my parents for “the mogwai album” for my birthday present. My dad was like “which one”, I said “don’t worry, they’ve only got one, you can’t get it wrong”.

Guess what I unwrapped? It’s probably not objectively bad but it reeks of disappointment to teenage me


I think it’s not that great either…

really enjoying this. That one-two of Batman/Tuner… had forgotten or never really appreciated how good those two tracks are.

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Ha yaaaas!

Oh dear, that doesn’t sound good!

I really like it, but I seem to be in the minority on this one.

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just listening to it now, I’m really proud of the second half particularly (after Batman/Tuner) think it flows really well

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taking liberties with Punk Rock though :wink:

you can’t have CODY with out punk rock: the colon is there for a reason! (and it’s a good intro to any album)

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one of the greatest


also it creates a little arc I totally didn’t intend where there are couplets (punk rock/CODY, Batman/Tuner, 2 Rights/secret Pint) at the beginning, middle and end of the album.