Mogwai 2022+

remember seeing mogwai upstairs at the garage supporting ligaments final gig, always thought that was a weird thing as you had people like me only there for mogwai

Got some in for the Monday, will be one of my mate’s first time seeing them(!), thanks for the tip!

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That was a messy scramble for tickets. I got some for Tuesday around 10 mins after they went on sale, presumably when people’s baskets expired.

Looking forward to it.

I didn’t notice the Garage shows were happening until I got a notification from songkick 10 minutes ago. Snagged a Monday tickets with no bother. Mogwai in such a small room, I’m not sure whether to be ecstatic or terrified.


I got to the checkout but it got stuck on payment verification and I lost my place. Gutted.

Gahh forgot it was 10am. Gutted

There were still tickets about 5 minutes ago.

yeah @faulmccartney and @SoloStrike

still seem to have them (apologies if this fails at a later hurdle)


Mega, going on Tuesday! Thank you! I’ll get googling for suitable earplugs now

Seem to be back on Ticketweb too, so tempting to do both nights, think the setlists will be fairly different


Wow, that was easier than expected. Tuesday night it is.

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These are the ones I use.


You utter ledge, thanks so much. 2 tickets bought


Anyone read Stuart’s book? Enjoyed it but felt it rushed through the last 10 years or so. Nothing about John, nothing about the last few albums and getting number 1/soundtrack work. Would have liked a bit more a about the direction of the music industry and running a label/being indie etc