Mogwai 2023+

Would guess between £40-45.

Assume you mean Xmas Steps for an hour and a half

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Oh boy do I have the thread


Excited Season 2 GIF by The Office

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Ill be going either Manchester, Birmingham or Nottingham depending on what date works best for Mr s_w. Gonna work it out when he gets home.

I am well hyped lads!!! :tada::partying_face:

Signup to the mailing list before 4pm to get the pre-sale tomorrow:

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I might pop down to see them in Bath, it would be lovely to see them in the Forum.

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Nice one, thanks!

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Did the Pre-sale happen and I’ve missed it or what? Signed up before 4pm but the links just take me to tomorrow’s general sale?

I got the same. Not sure if a link will get sent through separately, but I figure finger on the trigger when it goes on general sale will be OK.

Leeds and Birmingham are on o2 priority now


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£32.50 before the ticketmaster rip off tax

I was being a bit of an idiot - just clicked on the other E-mail that was sent yesterday evening with the links to pre-sale. Got to 2 tickets to Birmingham now

Told my GF I’d book us tickets to the Cambridge date on 18th Feb. Just did, and then discovered a message from her on my phone saying she’d already booked them. So I now have 2 extra tickets. Cost £71, if anyone wants them both for £65, send me a message. Already got the e-tickets, so can email them.

Update: sold!

picked up tickets for Manchester and for Nottingham

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really excited to see them in a relatively small venue like Rock City again.

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