MOGWAI Announce

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They tweeted a few days ago that the album is in the can


It should be in the bin

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Have they done anything better than this since 1996?






I can imagine that being the sort of way Mogwai would split, as well.

Looking forward to hearing the new stuff anyway; for some reason, I tend to feel a tad underwhelmed by every new Mogwai release until, after an amount of time, I come back to it and find so much to love. Such a wicked band, pallies.


might not necessarily be album related

I’m the other way around. When the album is first released, I think it’s their best album in a while… only to forget about it within a month; repeat next album cycle.

I did like Atomic quite a bit, but I totally forgot about it by the end of the year.

it varies for me. I wasn’t convinced by Hardcore at first but I’ve grown to love it. Never liked Rave Tapes and probably never will, and Atomic I liked at first but now find it quite bland and uninspired. I do however really like the stuff they did on Before the Flood. Given they’re now a guitarist down after John left, I’m not exactly sure that they’re going to blow me away with the new LP, but we wait and see…

Big fan of the return of the MYT logo


yeah it’s awesome. I wonder if they’ll get the rig out that they had for the albert hall gig…

I really liked Atomic; though, having seen them perform it live, I wish they’d kept some of the audio snatches from the film. Some of the snatches of speech just fit really well with the music, and it’s the kind of thing that wouldn’t be out of place on a Mogwai record, anyway.

I’m not sure there’s any rhyme or reason to which Mogwai albums are I really like (e.g. Young Team, Happy Songs, Mr Beast, Hardcore Will Never Die) and which I’m not so keen on (e.g. CODY, The Hawk is Howling, Rave Tapes), but I do always look forward to a new album.

was pretty non-plussed with Atomic at first, until I went to see the film, with the cinema instructed to play it loud, where it sounded amazing. still not one i’d put on much though, i get a different vibe from it where i’m not sure how well it stands up as an audio-only experience compared to the studio albums, understandably enough. although Les Revenants does stand up pretty well on its own terms.

i quite like Rave Tapes though it’s definitely hit and miss and a bit autopilot at times. i like the whole analogue synth sound and the synthiest ones are the best, it’s a shame they didn’t incorporate it a bit more though,and Braithwaite himself said they should have worked on the record a bit more. Remurdered is among their all time best tracks for me, and Deesh and No Medicine For Regret are really good too. Also they should have picked Teenage Exorcists instead of Blues Hour for the token vocal track.

Hardcore is one of my top Mogwai albums easily.

Always look forward to a new one and it’ll be interested to see how the reduced lineup might shake things up a bit.

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It’s a new album dudes they’ve individually already “announced” that

Could be the album but it’s been suggested not elsewhere. Think they might only have been mixing the album last week and they’re touring Atomic for the rest of the month so seems a bit… efficient. Was wondering if they’ve replaced John on a permanent basis and I like the gig suggestion. Would be nice if they did something like Rothesay again.

Over the past few years I’ve loved Les Revenants and Rave tapes. Wasn’t as bothered by Atomic but wish I had seen the film which would’ve made the experience more complete. Really excited for new stuff. One of my favourite bands.

with the MYT logo, could be something related to the 20th anniversary of Young Team, another full album gig or something.

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