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No, fair enough, if I did a compilation for someone (which I have many times) then the track list would change depending on what hour of the day it was. But just never got on with Werewolf, but other folk really seem to like it and is a pretty safe introduction, but also think White Noise would work well as a track 1.
I’ve got about 30 or so soundboard / radio broadcast live gigs which is what I usually reach for when listening to Mogwai, so really looking forward to going back to some of their albums for this listening club as not listened to some of them for years. Dug out Hawk again recently and forgot how many good tunes are on that album, but more on that in a couple of months time.

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Isn’t it? Is the stand out track on Hardcore for me, and surprised it never seems to get the love it deserves. Would imagine it being absolutely devastating live, but doubt they’ll ever dig it out again. Live sets seem to be the standard big tunes from the back catalogue, plus 5/6 off the latest album, which is obviously fine as I’ve seen them 20 times, but would be great if they went back to some songs they’ve never / barely played for a change.

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You’re Lionel Richie is really underrated too.

I’d swap ECS for Coolverine. Otherwise it’s very solid.


Lads Werewolf is their best song from this decade and it came out at the start of it

Yeah, but was better when they released it in 1997 as Yes! I am a long way from home. I know the songs are quite different stylistically, but the chord progression on the end is exactly the same on both, and that’s always bothered me (F sharp / Dmaj / Amaj for any music nerds out there).
Just always left me pretty cold and think there’s much better material on Hardcore which I wish they played more often. Werewolf is a definite toilet break for me if they play it, which they seem to do every bloody time I see them.

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Ten Rapid then, well, it’s just pretty great isn’t it? The fact that they still regularly play 4 of the 9 songs (well, 8 really, cos End doesn’t really count) is a testament to how strong it is.
Also the fact that it flows so well for a collection of early EP’s even if some of the songs were re-recorded, just seems to all work as a whole.

Summer / Ithica / Helicon are obviously top tier Mogwai, but what I really love about this album are the quieter moments, Batman into Tuner, Helicon 2 and a place for parks are all absolutely beautiful.
Thats actually one thing I do miss about early Mogwai, the restraint and how sparse and delicate a lot of it was. There’s a lot of space between notes where they let songs breathe without having to add something to fill the gaps, which they seem to do on almost every album now since around Hardcore onwards if not before.
I still rate all of their newer albums and early impressions of As the Love continues are excellent, probably my favourite of the last 10-15 years, but wish they’d pare back some of the production sometimes and have a few more quiet moments. May be because they were just a 4 piece at the time (don’t think Brendan O’Hare had joined by this point) and fairly basic 2 guitars / bass / drums set up, but just really love the more stripped back approach which suited their early material.


I have enjoyed listening to this. It’s interesting to hear the more mathy side when they’ve supplanted that with sunths and crunchy bass, especially after their piano period on Happy Songs and Mr Beast.

Some of the tracks are basically blue prints for the genre aren’t they? I mean the ones that came after are good but this is the tablet or rules.

I enjoyed it but it feels a little lacking. It flows like an album and feels as strong as one - Summer is such a good track!

But yeah, this is extensively exceeded by what is to come.


I’m not a music nerd or technical so I’m glad to have this confirmation that it is in fact the same chord sequence, posted the same thing up thread but wasn’t sure if i was being inaccurate

I’m waiting to listen to this later on in the week but I’d already been thinking I was going to say something similar to this. I was obsessed with Helicon 2 for a good while, just a perfectly measured, almost hushed melancholy to it. I do think they’re still capable of this on occasion - eg on the Before the Flood soundtrack - but yeah it seems to be a common thing with a lot of bands where their earlier material has a sparseness that they move away from

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Mogwai have used that chord progression in loads of songs, doesn’t make Werewolf any less amazing.

Barry didn’t join until CODY which might be what you’re after?

No, Brendan O’Hare from Teenage Fanclub joined them briefly after Ten Rapid. He played piano and keyboard on Young Team, but then was fired apparently for talking through an Arab Strap gig. So they were a 4 piece before and after Young Team, until Barry joined around recording of CODY.



it’s a nice song but no way is it better than Rano Pano and Remurdered


i’ve always thought No Medicine For Regret is like a better version of Werewolf actually

Was listening to that earlier today and it only occurred to me then (despite it being one of my favourites for ages) that it uses the same synth sound.

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it’s a lovely sound tbf

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Yes :man_shrugging:

Werewolf is great, and anybody who says otherwise is entitled to their perfectly valid opinion.

Will give Ten Rapid a proper listen at the weekend, but been spinning my Mogwai playlist at work tonight. Helicon 1 and Ithaca 27 ø 9 are magnificent.


I’d stick something from one of their soundtracks in there too. Maybe 7:25 from Zidane, which is gorgeous.


As is Donuts from KIN, if the song-list isn’t already too long.

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