Mogwai - New LP



It’s fantastic.


Hate to wade in here and piss on everyone’s chips, but both new songs have done absolutely nothing for me. They have done Coolverine better many times before and this most recent one is a bit of a dirge…

I appreciate that their work has gone in a similar direction to their soundtracks, but a bit of me always longed for an album’s worth of Remurdereds.


Imagine being in a band for two decades and THAT sounding progressive. Sounds like a track from Editors first album .


Haters gonna hate but Coolverine and Party in the Dark sound bloody great to me, excited for the album.


Coolverine is pretty standard Mogwai but it’s good. think they said in an interview recently it grew out of something on the Before the Flood soundtrack which makes sense.

really like Party in the Dark - no one is saying it’s ‘progressive’ just that it’s an interesting direction for them.


[quote=“lastdino, post:22, topic:10901, full:true”]but a bit of me always longed for an album’s worth of Remurdereds.
this would be excellent, tbf. still like the new stuff though. probably not an album i’ll rush out and buy unless the rest of it turns out to be spectacular but i look forward to giving it a fair few rinses on Spotify


Anyone else think the Party in the Dark vocals sound like Neil Halstead from Slowdive? Braithwaite is a big Slowdive fan and there is the link with him and Rachel Goswell from Minor Victories so could be a guest vocal?


i don’t listen to much Slowdive to compare but it just sounds like Stuart to me


not quite as much of a pop banger as Teenage Exorcists though


Yeah probably is tbh


The two songs released so far have really grown on me. Both videos are excellent as well:


That’s an album of 2 halves if ever I heard one.


Either half any good?


First listen - some real filler in the middle, really like the first few tracks. Old Poisons is good near the end


The first few tracks are great chilled out Mogwai, the last 3 are going to be face melters live.

I like it.


Agree with the general view that the first few tracks and the last 3 are awesome, but it sags pretty badly in the middle. Not sure if it’s a tracklisting issue or just a song quality issue tbh.


I think it’s a bit more even in quality than some of the others are making it out to be. That said, I still feel like it’s a sort of generic, if enjoyable, album that I probably won’t listen to much.


Generally quite unremarkable but loving ‘Battered at a Scramble’, real onomatopoeia song title on this number, big fun guitar shredder


My favourite Mogwai songs:

  1. Ye Wee Fanny
  2. Die of cancer, HA! HA!
  3. Wolves eat cat food
  4. Hamster rape 101
  5. No, I will eat YOUR baby
  6. Superman is a pussy
  7. Jar Jar Drinks
  8. Razorlight Suck
  9. Bumming Oban
  10. Death on tuesday


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