Mogwai - New LP



This deserves it’s own thread.

Title: Glasgow Bliss

  1. Wee Glam Dram
  2. Running Around the House Holding Scissors
  3. Daft Ugly Tories
  4. His Head is Dead
  5. Kelvinbrawl
  6. Cameron’s Oh Face Polaroid
  7. SchemeMail
  8. Proud Edward’s Army
  9. Litter Queens
  10. Race Days


Forgot the title of my album;

Ant, Not Dec


Got tickets for this, also. Should be a belter as long as the new venue have got their sound sorted properly.


Thanks for the heads up. Been out all day and it’s bloody sold out!


I might have a spare. Had two mates in mind for it but they can’t go. Will let you know



better than most of the tracks on the new LP, sadly. And this sounds like a standard album track from Dino Jr



You can listen to / stream this tonight on 6 Music from midnight. Join the conversation


had my first listen a bit earlier. hmm, i love Mogwai and i think Rave Tapes is a largely pretty decent, if a bit underwhelming album (mainly didn’t deliver on the promise of Remurdered but i still think there’s plenty to like on there). like others said this one’s got some really good tracks at the start and end, but the middle is definitely a bit long and boring.

a lot of those tracks feel a bit more soundtrack than studio album. it reminds me a lot of Atomic actually, which i found didn’t really do much for me on its own, but sounded great with the film. only one listen in so i’ll see if it grows on me.

Party in the Dark is still fantastic.


Contrary to a lot of you, I am falling in love with this on it’s first play through. It strikes the exact mood of Mogwai I love; kinda in between Come on Die Young and Zidane. I do love the “bangers”, but the meandering lithe ones are the ones I always return too. That’ll be my ambient music side coming out.

Standout for me is aka 47 it sounds like a cross between a stripped back Remurdered and Auto Rock.


Definitely starting to warm to this a bit more now as well.

One thing for sure, the production is fantastic. Just feel the tracklist doesn’t quite bring the best out of the material.


Quite enjoying this, early stand out for me is probably “Old Poisons” I do like the moody experimental moments but I’ll always enjoy those times when they stomp on the pedals and let the distorted riffs fly.


Quite impressed with this on first listen. Was seriously nonplussed by Rave Tapes and Atomic, so this feels like a partial return to form despite the usual familiar bits, Old Poisons = BatCat Part 2 being the most obvious.

In the spirit of previous posts, here’s my dream Mogwai LP:

  1. Dome Of Discovery
  2. Zombie Ibrox Armies
  3. Dalmally Music
  4. Sport Socks
  5. Too Wee For The Coca-Cola Rollercoaster
  6. Clydesdale Wank
  7. Nobody Asked You
  8. Burning JK Rowling Effigy
  9. Rooked By A Bandit
  10. Better Together
  11. You’ve Taken That Too Far


Best album from Mogwai in a while.
AKA 47 is particularly lovely.
Also loving Coolverine & Don’t Believe The Fife.


Don’t really understand some of the dislike for this one. I think it’s really fantastic, their best in yonks


You totally got me there. DiS challenge to make these songs I reckon…


Absolutely love the new album. Best one since Mr Beast as far as I’m concerned. Great to hear some new Mogwai ‘bangers’, it’s been a while.


Fully on board with this now btw. Title track is stunning and even what I thought was quite a meandering middle is actually just lovely. A very excellent album for when you’re doing other stuff, too.


Yeah I zoned out to this on a flight and it really opened up. Definitely a grower


Amazing show. Completely blown away by how good that was. Maybe the best out of 8 times seeing them