Mogwai - New LP



So “Every Country’s Sun” debuts at #6 in the UK album charts. Pretty impressive! I wonder which situation is at play here:

a) Mogwai’s fanbase has increased dramatically over time
b) Mogwai’s usual 1st week sales performance ends up landing higher in the charts because nobody buys albums any more

It’s probably a bit of both, TBH…


Bit of both, largely to do with their soundtracks I think but also the crowd. Rave Tapes was the best selling Vinyl of that year I believe


I reviewed this fwiw


Just wanted to chime in and say how great this album is and how it keeps getting better and better with more listens. When it was released I was expecting an alright album to throw on when I couldn’t think of what else to listen to, but instead I got an album of the year candidate and possibly my favorite thing that I’ve ever heard from them.


Have you all watched their set for 6 Music on IPlayer yet? Was a real treat to be there. The band have only clicked with me in recent years and I’m totally kicking myself for for not getting into them properly before.

There’s some single tracks and bits about their set here


BBC iPlayer only works in the UK. Sorry, it’s due to rights issues.



I interviewed Barry!


bloody hell they played Ithica last night!!


(also CODY and 2 Rights which was pretty cool)


My favourite. Why don’t they do more like that?


I looked it up and it turns out I’ve seen ithica TWICE before :sweat_smile:


TBH they’ve played Ithica reasonably often over the past few tours I’ve seen.



playing Bristol in feb next year.


Along with Manchester and Newcastle


Sorry, what’s the “dreaded G word?”.



It’s a fair question (it’s Gentrification) the editors decide to remove it for some reason


Was trying to work it out. Assumed it was Glasgow.

Some great property investment advice in there; sold his flat because prices were too high?

He’s not getting the Location Location Location gig anytime soon.


Sold it for a profit, and bought cheaper in Glasgow, I assume


Single or pair of stalls tickets for Brixton Academy gig tomorrow night available, if anyone is interested. Face value. :slightly_smiling_face:


Seeing them tomorrow night. Looking forward to this, have never been to a gig in London.