Moist Thread

Some people (women really) seem to have an unnatural aversion to the word. Is this really a thing?

are you ok?


There’s been an incident at work involving the word ‘moist’. Just curious

I’m not sure it’s really a word used much outside of filth.

Like you’d describe objects as damp or wet nowadays

there used to be a shop in a shopping centre in Southampton called Moist. Not a sex shop.

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That actually would be a genius name: “Moist. (Not A Sex Shop.)”

Appearance from Vincent Kompany at the start:

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I am reclaiming this word for people who are unable to make others moist!

It’s fine when describing cake. Sometimes.


You’re moist fam

(not really just had to sneak that in somewhere)

I think it was started by a comedy sketch by French & Saunders. Because they’re women and it spoke to them, other women have latched onto it. But it’s got to a point now where most women who say this don’t know where it started. I’ve heard it said by numerous women friends.

Dapper Laughs used ‘proper moist’ a lot as a catchphrase so I think he ruined it for many women.

A barbers near where I work called itself Dapper Cut’s. Closed down after less than a year. Surprised? No.

You may be surprised to hear that I fully support people being moist.


Not in the least bit tbqh

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It only makes me think of really delicious cake.


I don’t really know what anyone is talking about.

EDIT: … ever.

One of my favourite literary characters is Moist Von Lipwig

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sorry witches :grimacing:


So you should be.