You don’t see molehills as much these days do you? Moles are great. Driving past a field and seeing a load of molehills and knowing there’s just a mole on its own going about its business leaving mounds of soil everywhere oblivious to the fact we can see them hahaha legends.



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I did a thread recently about “Things From The Beano Happening In Real Life” on accounts of how my Dad has got an issue with molehills on his lawn.

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Loads of molehills around here, pal. There were tonnes in the arboretum in Bute Park not long ago, busy wee lad.

Impossible not to sing

Holes dug by little moles

If I see a mole or a hole or a molehill


Guacamoles are my favourite

What a cheeky young man


This one time in Berlin, at Lollapalooza, we were watching James Blake and he was playing quite loudly and it was all rumbly and must have been sounding good underground, as this wee mole started burrowing up from below to catch some of the good vibes on show. We watched its little mound of a molehill erupt for a good few minutes, but alas, the crafty little mole declined to show, ruining the entire day for all involved.


their hands are brilliant

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Who put the ball in the Germans net?
Who put the ball in the Germans net?
Who put the ball in the Germans net?
Mole Gunnar Solksjaer

Going to find this to see if anyone’s been whacked by their dad using his slipper whilst having a phone directory stuffed down their trousers.

Yeah I have to get mine checked regularly due to basal cell carcinoma…

looks slowly round the thread.

Ill be off.

Cute and misunderstood Lovecraftian monsters though!

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I have a really cool mole on the side of my nose and sometimes people say to me I could have it iced off. But it’s the only thing that gives my face any character :frowning:

I must say I haven’t seen any mole hills for ages and its upsetting, what’s happening to the little fellas, I cant imagine they have many enemies?