Moloko / Róisín Murphy

After listening to Roisin’s interview with Adam Buxton last week, I have been on a bit of a binge of her material this last week.

And goddamn, some of it is good eh?

I remember the summer at University that Moloko’s ‘Sing it back’ broke and how every corridor in my halls had it echoing around the walls. And how ‘The time is now’ seemed even more perfect in that summer term. I love the delay in that line ‘In your arms I feel… sunshine’.

I can only imagine how great they were live at festivals that year.

And then they came back with another great record and I saw them live at Shepherds Bush Empire. I recall being utterly transfixed by Roisin as a performer. Saw someone on YouTube say she is so incredible because she dances like no one is watching, and that’s so spot on.

This music video is a good example. Apparently Roisin made it up in one take and they put the backing dancers in in post:

And the choreography in this one (with Paddy Considine) is also brilliant:

I adored her first solo album and the lead single ‘Overpowered’ but haven’t listened to her more recent stuff. I’ll work to change that.

Looking back people don’t really talk about Moloko bar the big song, but it was so great to see such an unconventional band briefly top the charts and headline festivals.

Got any memories or videos?


The latest album is fantastic, a total thrill and way more exciting than any of the other electronic/dance/pop records a lot of DiS has shat itself over in the past year.

Sounds like a longform DJ set in a grimy New York sex club with hints of French house, disco, throbbing 90s electro, etc etc


yeah she’s one of my favs. has always had that cult following among pop / dance fans but seems to have crossed over more into indie circles with roisin machine. think it might be her best record actually, v consistent back catalogue though

E.P. she did in italian is fun


Was listening to this as you posted and I can already tell I’m going to adore it. Thanks

Any key releases to investigate? I’ve dipped in and out almost at random. Have probably missed loads.

I absolutely love that festival performance, I can’t count how many times I’ve watched this video in particular


This. Roisin Machine is utterly, utterly incredible.

Got into her loads over the past few months after really liking the singles from Roisin Machine. Great album, with some really clever bits like how the second track never has any beat drop so keeps you all anticipatory, dead clever. Listened to her album Hairless Toys from 2015 a couple of times last week, really liked it too, it’s quite sparse and experimental with a proper grab bag of sounds, really rate it.

I’ve basically only heard the two massive singles from Moloko so need to dive a bit deeper there. But yeah, seriously cool musician innit.


She’s created a playlist on her official channel with loads of the bangers on it. A lot of the older stuff is nearer the bottom and lower third.

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This is flatly one of the greatest dance tracks ever made; a long, sad break-up song set against warm, gorgeous House music. The first song i ever heard/saw being played on a Pioneer CDJ as opposed to a Technics deck, so it retains a particular strange romance.


I love her voice and she seems wicked but I’ve never much got on with the dance pop type stuff. Didn’t she make an album with Matthew Herbert? Was it weirder? I should check it out.

hope I’m not going against the spirit of the thread but can never seem to click with her stuff. Sounds great on paper but idk, just doesn’t work for me. I think Overpowered `(or maybe Hairless Toys?) was the last one I really, really tried with and I felt like, if there is a more specific criticism, there were too many ideas and none of them were really working

They were completely fantastic on the Jazz World stage at Glastonbury in 2000. Took me 20 years to get round to buying an album, shamefully, but Roisin Machine is also completely fantastic.

She worked with this guy on the new album I believe. He has top credentials in house and electronic music circles…


I do know what you mean. I remember when I bought ‘Things…’ by Moloko I presumed it’d all be like the singles and was initially shocked by the other stuff. I think I left them playing though and over time grew to love the weirder stuff, which eventually saw me getting into Young Knives, Liquid liquid, Can, The Chap and Hot Chip (whose early stuff was way weirder).

Personally I love it now but I do recall at first being left cold by them.


My parents had ‘Things…’ when it came out so listened to it a lot as a youngster. It’s super (and wonderfully) weird isn’t it, didn’t know what to make of it at the first (I was still on Now compilations at that age) and not heard much else like it since. Love it though

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I recall thinking from the prior albums cover art and name, that Moloko were a weird Japanese band. I think I had them confused with Pizzicato Five.

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Touring in September if all goes well. Think I’ll be going along…



She’s fucking fantastic.

Had heard Fun For Me, and seen Do You Like My Tight Sweater everywhere, but I think I held off from buying it for whatever reason. Might have thought it looked a bit novelty-ish, perhaps?

I think hearing The Flipside when it came out might have been my entry point, prompting me to get I Am Not A Doctor.

Still sounds brilliant.

And the rest is a marvelous history.

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